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Winter starts in Austenasia as new laws are passed

28 November 2012 1 comment

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced the start of winter in the Austenasian calendar, and given Imperial Consent to two new Acts of Parliament.

Austenasia has been battered by heavy winds and large amounts of rain over the past week, although thankfully there have been no floods as in the surrounding United Kingdom. This morning finally saw an end to the rain, although the temperature was several degrees colder than yesterday. This change in weather conditions has been used to mark the turning point from autumn to winter this year.

The Emperor has also given Imperial Consent to two Acts of Parliament, passing them into law. The first has revised the law on homicide, defining the required acts and intentions for murder and manslaughter in greater detail and creating a separate offence of second-degree murder for killings in which, while harm was intended, it was not realised death was a possibility. The second act has codified Austenasian law on the subject of how international treaties are to be ratified.

Prime Minister appointed Prince of Domanglia

The flag of the Princely Union of St Edward and Domanglia

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has been appointed the Prince of Domanglia as the former protectorate of Austenasia moves towards the implementation of Theodorism.

Marshal Urokah Doshevik, founder of Domanglia, contacted Crown Prince Jonathan on Tuesday 20th and offered him candidacy in an election for a new monarch taking place within the Domanglian leadership. The Crown Prince won the election, his reign as Prince of Domanglia beginning yesterday on the 21st. He has adopted the regnal name of Darkomere for use in Domanglia.

Domanglia is currently administrated by a provisional government comprised of the Prince, Marshal Doshevik, and leaders of the various Domanglian territories. Elections are planned to take place soon, after which it is intended for Theodorism (socialist economic policies and direct democracy protected and enforced by the power of the monarch) to be implemented.

Domanglia was briefly Theodorist in late January earlier this year after a revolution by several of the leaders of its territories, but the movement disintegrated two days later when a power struggle broke out between the monarch and the leader of the vanguard party. It was this failed revolution which prompted Crown Prince Jonathan to write The Vanguard Monarch, revising Theodorist theory to make it easier to realistically implement.

This is the fourth time that Crown Prince Jonathan has held a throne; he was Second Midget Master between 6 September 2004 and 31 July 2006, joint King of Moylurg between 19 October and 10 November 2010, and Lord Regent of the Grove between 12 November and 8 December 2010. This also marks the first time in nearly two years that the House of Austen – to be formally known as the House of Kaiser in regards to Domanglia – has held sovereignty over a nation.

Austenasia and Domanglia entered into diplomatic relations on Halloween last year, when Domanglia was accepted as an Austenasian Protectorate. It held this status until 6 April earlier this year.

The sun never sets on the lands of the Emperor

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

A satellite view of New South Scotland.

Phillip II, King of Spain.

Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom.

Now, Declan I of Austenasia and New Wessex has become the latest monarch to rule lands so extensive that at any time of the day, at any time of the year, at least part of them are in sunlight.

The realms of Declan I have been steadily growing since 2010. At present, he is Emperor of Austenasia, King of New Wessex, and Amaşemé (literally “embodiement of Amager”, a mostly ceremonial but technically monarchical position) of Amager. Austenasia is situated in Great Britain, and Amager in North America.

Until September, New Wessex like Austenasia was situated only on the island of Great Britain. However, in September it annexed a colony in North America, and on Monday 19th November it acquired a second colony, in Australasia.

This second colony has been named New South Scotland, and it is the annexation of this territory which has prevented the lands of the Emperor from ever totally being in darkness. Haakon Lindstrom, president of Zealandia, claimed the territory on Monday morning and ceded it to New Wessex. Lindstrom has been appointed Governor of New South Scotland, which has an area of 31,390 square feet.

Austenasia voted most influential MicroWiki nation

The Empire of Austenasia was voted the most influential nation in the MicroWiki Community in the latest of a series of regular surveys released yesterday evening.

The first MicroWiki Influence Survey took place on 4 October 2010 and disregarding a 5 month-long hiatus last year the surveys have taken place every month or two months since – yesterday’s was the Twelth. Users of the website are asked to submit a list of 25 micronations in the community in order of their percieved influence, with the nations given points accordingly. Halfway through the voting period, a Midway Table is released showing the scores so far, and a Final Table is released a few days afterwards with the official scores.

Austenasia came first with 279 points, only just beating the Free State of Renasia (278 points) and the Federal Republic of St.Charlie (276). This was a very close race for first place – the micronation in fourth place had 240 points.

Nemkhav leader Marka Mejakhansk said that he doesn’t “see Austenasia getting lopped off the top point any time soon”, and St.Charlian diplomat Lucas Campos stated that “Austenasia should be in the top for a long time now”. However, Francillian politician Sebastian Linden expressed surprise that the Empire came first, and that in his opinion the top place should have gone to Renasia. HIH Crown Prince Jonathan described the Influence Survey as “just a popularity contest”, but still expressed happiness at the Empire being voted into the prestigious first place.

The State of Sandus came 6th (207), the Community of Landashir and Kingdom of Juclandia came joint 7th (190), the Technological Federation of Erephisia came 9th (164), the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis came 12th (135), the Kingdom of Überstadt came 16th (97), the Federal Republic of Francisville came 18th (83), and the United Kingdom of New Wessex came 21st (49).

This is the first time that the Empire has reached first place. Austenasia reached the top spot on the Midway Table of the Eleventh Survey in September, but lost out to St.Charlie in the Final Table – likewise, the Empire came second to St.Charlie in July’s Tenth Survey. Austenasia has consistently been voted as being in the top four most influential nations on MicroWiki since the Sixth Survey in December 2011.

Crepundia unveiled

17 November 2012 2 comments

A Juclandian community has been established in Wrythe, being officially unveiled earlier today.

Crepundia, as unveiled earlier today.

However, this community has not traveled from Juclandia, nor do its citizens count towards the population of Austenasia. This is because, like the Juclandian city of Jucărești, this new community – named Crepundia – is comprised entirely of toys.

The culture of the Kingdom of Juclandia (bordered by Romania) is unique in being heavily based on toys, even counting them as citizens. Crepundia is a joint Austenasian-Juclandian cultural project, with the group of toys serving almost as a symbolic Juclandian embassy.

Based in 2 Imperial Road, the fictional origins of Crepundia were explained earlier this year with the release of Cool Barbie VII – Secession. In the film, a group of toys unhappy with their government’s high military spending stage a protest which turns into a riot; they leave the main society of toys and are allowed to set up their own kingdom.

Austenasia featured in published book

This morning, a parcel arrived at the Imperial Residence.

Inside the parcel was a copy of The Gentleman’s Bedside Companion by Tom Cutler, a book published last year which describes itself as “a bracing collection of information, humour and curiosity”. The book had been ordered online, as just under a year ago a user named Unscintillating added it as a reference supporting Austenasia’s place on Wikipedia.

Sure enough, upon recieving the book, the Imperial Family has found it to include a short entry on the Empire in a list of other “micronations”. It briefly explains that Austenasia was founded in 2008, has three territories, and a national anthem based on God Save the Queen. Despite incorrectly describing Glencrannog (the square foot of land in Scotland acquired by the government in February 2009) as a “nearby house” – presumably mistaking it with Zephyria – being featured in this book is certainly a great achievement for the Empire.

The Gentleman’s Bedside Companion is thought to be the first widely published book containing descriptions of individual micronations since Micronations: The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations was published in 2006.

The book, in which Austenasia can be found on page 218, can be ordered online by following this link.

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Archaeological dig put on hold due to rain

The buried tree stump revealed by the dig

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has announced that work on the archaeological dig currently underway in Wrythe Public Park is to be put on hold until the spring due to bad weather.

The dig, which started on 16 August earlier this year and is organised by the Imperial Geographical Society, is excavating an area which had been under paving stones since before the Imperial Family moved to what is now the Imperial Residence in January 2004.

The trench which has been dug has so far unearthed various pieces of glass and pottery, an at present unidentified animal bone, several metal nails, and a two pence coin which dates the construction of the patio under which the dig is taking place to no earlier than 1992.

The trench has also unearthed a large tree stump with an extensive root system, formerly sealed under the patio – two tree stumps were already visible and used as steps down from Wrythe Public Park’s patio to 2 Imperial Road. With the discovery of this third tree stump, it is thought that there was once a row of trees marking the end of the now Imperial Residence’s garden before 2 Imperial Road (the garage) was built.

The last digging which took place was in early October – due to rain since then, further excavation has been continually postponed due to the soil in the trench becoming waterlogged. With rainfall yesterday, the Crown Prince (who is leading the dig) has announced that digging is being formally put on hold until drier weather.

Fans of Cool Barbie will recognise the area of the dig as being where a Dalek was imprisoned in Prisoners Freed. Thankfully, the diggers have not reported unearthing any hostile aliens yet.

“Apocalypse” caused by vodka

11 November 2012 5 comments

System operator of Pierre d’Égtavie admitted earlier today that the reason for MicroWiki being offline yesterday was due to him having “a shot or two of vodka”.

MicroWiki, the web-based wiki and forums which are a major focal point for Austenasia’s foreign relations, has hosted a diverse and vibrant community of politicians and diplomats since it was founded in 2005, with Prime Minister HIH Crown Prince Jonathan joining in late 2008. When he attempted to access the site yesterday afternoon, he was met with a countdown ticking away to 15 days, with ominous background music and a heading of “Goodbye”.

Contact with other MicroWiki users via Skype revealed that the community was in a panic over what this could mean for the site, with Ultamian leader David Salapa declaring the apparent imminent closure of the site an “apocalypse”.

A few hours later, the countdown was replaced with a message from M. d’Égtavie apologising for the inconvenience and announcing that normal site access would resume in several hours. The website is now back to normal, but not before worry and uncertainty spread amongst the community – several users advised others to join them in saving back-ups of articles using Google’s cache system, and administrator Alexander Reinhardt offered to buy the site should d’Égtavie wish to resign as system operator.

Earlier today, d’Égtavie informed members of the Micropolitan Lounge chatroom on Skype that he’d “decided that everyone hated [him] and that [he] should close the site” after consuming some vodka – after putting up the countdown, he went to have a bath before returning to find the MicroWiki community in panic on Skype. Sober again, he reassured users that the website would not be closed, and stated that his actions were precisely the reason that he usually doesn’t drink.

M. d’Égtavie has since informed users that there are several safeguards against a deletion of the site, including several regularly updated back-ups.

Zealandian leader Haakon Lindstrom and Siroccan leader Daniel Anderson have both said they are “disappointed” with d’Égtavie’s actions. However, the Prime Minister has come out in defence of the system operator. Commenting on another news article on the situation, he urged people not to “forget all the hard work M. d’Egtavie has put into the wiki over the past two years – he is an incredibly competent admin, and nobody should forget that because of a single mistake”.