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The sun never sets on the lands of the Emperor

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

A satellite view of New South Scotland.

Phillip II, King of Spain.

Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom.

Now, Declan I of Austenasia and New Wessex has become the latest monarch to rule lands so extensive that at any time of the day, at any time of the year, at least part of them are in sunlight.

The realms of Declan I have been steadily growing since 2010. At present, he is Emperor of Austenasia, King of New Wessex, and Amaşemé (literally “embodiement of Amager”, a mostly ceremonial but technically monarchical position) of Amager. Austenasia is situated in Great Britain, and Amager in North America.

Until September, New Wessex like Austenasia was situated only on the island of Great Britain. However, in September it annexed a colony in North America, and on Monday 19th November it acquired a second colony, in Australasia.

This second colony has been named New South Scotland, and it is the annexation of this territory which has prevented the lands of the Emperor from ever totally being in darkness. Haakon Lindstrom, president of Zealandia, claimed the territory on Monday morning and ceded it to New Wessex. Lindstrom has been appointed Governor of New South Scotland, which has an area of 31,390 square feet.

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