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Coronation date announced

The Imperial Diadem of Austenasia, last used for the coronation of Esmond III in September 2010.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced the date of his coronation.

The new Monarch, Jonathan I, has announced that the crowning ceremony will take pace in the Imperial Residence on Saturday 23 February, just over a month after he ascended to the Throne. This is much sooner than the previous two coronations – that of Terry I took place eight months after he became Monarch, and that of Esmond III took place just over seven months after he ascended the Throne.

The Emperor’s predecessor, Declan I, did not have a coronation, as he was the only Austenasian Monarch to have never set foot in the Empire. Planned visits of Declan I to Wrythe in February and April 2012, for which the possibility of a coronation was discussed, never took place.

The Emperor will be crowned with the Imperial Diadem while wearing the other Imperial Regalia (the Chain, Sceptre, and Robes) and sitting in the same spot in which the Declaration of Independence was sent in 2008. Foreign heads of state and nobility have been invited to attend the ceremony.

  1. 25 January 2013 at 12:35 am

    live stream the coronation please jon!

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