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Declan I deposed as Austenasian suzerainty reasserted over Orly

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I reasserts his Throne’s suzerainty over Orly as Declan I is deposed.

Dissatisfaction with Declan I broke out into open rebellion in Orly today as citizens declared the King of New Wessex deposed from Orly and asked the Emperor to appoint new monarchs.

King Declan I of New Wessex, who has ruled Orly as a Wessaxon constituent country since January 2012, was due to visit Orly today. After it was found out that Declan had missed the first two trains and would arrive over two hours later than planned, a group of Orlian citizens who had met to greet him grew restless.

Waiting for him to arrive, the citizens learnt that he planned to demand Jonathan I relinquish the title Shahanshah (King of the Kings) of the Carshalton Nations, a title assumed by Declan I himself when he was Emperor of Austenasia to denote the position held by the Emperor as overlord of the Carshalton Sector. This led to overt discontent, with the Orlians openly expressing their wish to be under Austenasian suzerainty rather than independent rule by a foreign monarch.

Walking to Orly from the nearby train station, citizens refounded the kingdoms of the Grove and of Copan, polities which had been deprived of their sovereignty when Declan I unified them into the Tsardom of Orly (later declared part of New Wessex) in December 2010, and declared Declan deposed.

Telephoning Declan I via mobile to inform him of the unfolding events, the Emperor discovered that he had not yet even bought his train ticket. Realising that it may be ill-advised to go ahead, Declan cancelled the visit.

Given the phone by Jonathan I, Countess Eritoshi of Memphis bluntly told Declan I that there was no support for his reign in Orly to continue and stressed that Orlians would always consider the Emperor as overlord, resulting in Declan relinquishing New Wessex’s claim to sovereignty over Orly.

The Emperor, Countess Eritoshi and Crown Princess Caroline (the latter giving her consenting vote via mobile) passed an Act of Parliament renouncing Austenasian recognition of Wessaxon sovereignty over Orly. Emperor Jonathan I then made an Imperial Edict appointing Calum I – the founder of Orly, and Duke of the Grove under New Wessex – King of the Grove, appointing prominent Orlian citizen Emma I as Queen of Copan, and promising autonomy for the County of Memphis in the Grove to Countess Eritoshi.

Orly was founded on 4 July 2010, being split into the Kingdoms of Copan and of the Grove later that month, both recognising the suzerainty of Austenasia and the right of the Emperor to appoint Orlian monarchs. Declan I, the first King of Copan, rejected Austenasian suzerainty over Orly when he reunified it in December 2010 as part of a larger secret plan to remove the then Emperor Esmond III from power, but its citizens always made clear their recognition of the Emperor as their overlord.

Esmond III and several Orlian citizens who were unable to attend the would-be visit have expressed their delight at the news that Orly is once more under the suzerainty of the Empire.

Former Doshevikan land annexed as Austenasian Territory

A satellite view of Emperorsland.

A satellite view of Emperorsland.

Land formerly under the sovereignty of Doshevika and the Kingdom of Domanglia was yesterday annexed by the Empire as the Territory of Emperorsland.

Karanys Dómynus, formerly known as Urokah Doshevik, presented his garden to the Empire after the Doshevikan state dissolved earlier this year.

The garden has been annexed as the Territory of Emperorsland upon the passing of the Emperorsland Act 2013 yesterday morning. Dómynus has been appointed its governor and Duke of Grantabridge, a duchy set up to incorporate Emperorsland within the Austenasian hierarchy of administrative divisions.

Emperorsland measures roughly 1715 square feet and is an enclave of the British village of Over in Cambridgeshire. This marks the fifth expansion of Austenasia since the start of the year.

Jonathan I returns to MicroWiki Community

Emperor Jonathan I has announced the end of a self-imposed period of partial withdrawal from the MicroWiki Community which started earlier this year.

His Imperial Majesty announced on 7 March that he would stop active editing on MicroWiki and withdraw from the majority of Skype chatrooms associated with its users “so as to be able to better focus… time and effort on revision” for his A2 exams (the second year of the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level), the last of which took place today.

The Emperor has now completed courses in sociology, law, and politics, the results of which will be revealed on 15 August. He intends to study at the University of Roehampton in September along with Countess Eritoshi of Memphis, who finishes her exams next week.

Since 7 March, Jonathan I has made less edits on MicroWiki than he did in the last week of February alone. He has also made a total of seven posts on the MicroWiki Forums, having previously had an average of over a post a day since joining the forums in January 2011.

His Imperial Majesty announced his full-time return to the MicroWiki Community earlier this afternoon.

Summer 2013 starts in Austenasia

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced today to be the first day of the summer of 2013 in the Austenasian calendar.

Greater Wrythe has seen sunny weather recently, in contrast to a cold and rainy spring. Temperatures are predicted by the UK Met Office to reach 22°C later this afternoon, which could make today the hottest day of the year so far (the same temperature also having been recorded in late April) after the coldest spring in 50 years.

The Emperor has also confirmed that the spring of 2013 in the Austenasian calendar started on 13 March, an announcement which was not widely publicised outside of the immediate Imperial Family.