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The Emperor returns from Paris

Sir Sebastian Linden, Ciprian I, Jonathan I and Tom Turner (left to right) in front of the Arc de Triomph
Sir Sebastian Linden, Ciprian I, Jonathan I and Tom Turner (left to right) in front of the Arc de Triomph

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I has returned to the Imperial Residence after spending five days in Paris.

The 2013 Intermicronational Summit which he attended in Paris was also attended by representatives from Francisville, Juclandia, Rukora, Draega, Lostisland, Angyalistan, and the Formori Institute, with a total of nine delegates taking part.

The Emperor arrived in Paris on Monday 15th, the first day of the summit. He shared an apartment with Sir Sebastian Linden of Francisville and Pristinia, Tom Turner of Rukora, and Sir Daniel Morris of Draega and Lostisland.

The delegates staying in the apartment met most days with King Ciprian I of Juclandia, who was staying in Paris with his girlfriend and cousin. Representatives of Angyalistan and of the Formori Institute were also met on Thursday and Friday evening respectively.

The delegates used the five days there to take part in a great deal of discussion on relations between their nations, international politics, and the GUM. They also visited many Parisian landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

A new international residential summit is already being planned for July next year in Perugia, Italy.

2013 Intermicronational Summit begins in Paris

Left to right – King Ciprian I, Emperor Jonathan I, and Tom Turner, in Paris yesterday evening.

The third summit of politicians and diplomats involving a large number of members of the MicroWiki Community has begun in Paris.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I arrived in Paris yesterday with Tom Turner, leader of Rukora and former Viceroy of Hookwood in the now-defunct Slinky Empyre. They later met with King Ciprian I of Juclandia and his nephew.

After eating at a restuarant near to the apartment at which the Emperor and Turner are staying, the group went to Mountmarte hill, from which a view of a large part of Paris can be seen.

Sir Sebastian Linden of Francisville will be arriving at the apartment Tuesday afternoon, and Sir Daniel Morris of Draega will be arriving Wednesday morning. Sogoln Yg Ysca of the Formori Institute has also expressed interest in meeting with the summit members at some point later in the week.

The summit will last until Saturday 20th, and follows on from the 2011 Intermicronational Summit in Hyde Park and the 2012 PoliNation Summit in Chelsea.

Palasia annexed as ties cut with New Wessex

Palasia, the fourth Town of Austenasia, annexed earlier today.
Palasia, the fourth Town of Austenasia, annexed earlier today.

The Sixth Imperial Decree of HIM Emperor Jonathan I, passed earlier today, has annexed Palasia as a fourth Town of the Empire while cutting most remaining ties with the United Kingdom of New Wessex.

The first part of the decree annexes as the Town of Palasia a house near the Norfolk town of Thetford, appointing Lord John Gordon – an inhabitant who has previously run many of his own micronations – as its Baron and Acting Representative. Palasia has a population of four, and spans nearly 1400 square feet.

The annexation of Palasia is the sixth expansion of Austenasia since Jonathan I became Emperor in January – since the start of his reign, the Empire has expanded on an average of once a month. Palasia is the fourth Town of Austenasia, joining Wrythe, Zephyria and Thanasia.

The second part of today’s Imperial Decree has cut many of the ties between Austenasia and New Wessex. In the decree, the Emperor states that the measures taken are “due to an irreparable breakdown in relations and communication between Our Imperial Majesty and His Majesty the King of New Wessex”.

King Declan I of New Wessex, former Emperor himself, was deposed from Orly last month in a rebellion, which has subsequently been hailed a “liberation” from foreign rule by Orlian citizens. The Emperor has confirmed that he has not spoken with Declan I since.

The decree has given notice that Austenasia will withdraw from its military alliance with New Wessex on 7 August 2013, which was formed with its predecessor state Moylurg on 7 August 2010. The status of Declan I as an Austenasian subject has been revoked, and Jonathan I has relinquished his Wessaxon title Duke of Atlantos (held since November 2010), relinquished an honorary Wessaxon citizenship, and resigned from his position as Ambassador to New Wessex.

Potato crop harvested

Emperor Father Terry counting the potatoes harvested from Wrythe Public Park.

His Imperial Highness Emperor Father Terry has harvested several dozen potatoes which were planted in Wrythe Public Park earlier this year.

The Imperial Family ate some of the potatoes with their evening meal tonight. Crown Princess Caroline called them “normal” and “potatoey”.

The now Emperor Father also grew a crop of potatoes in August 2009 while still Emperor. Some tomato plants have also been planted in Wrythe Public Park.

While the Empire is far from self-sufficient, growing some of our own food is a small step towards decreasing our reliance on the neighbouring United Kingdom.

County of Memphis granted autonomy from the Grove

Orly, with the Grove to the west and Copan to the east.
Orly, with the Grove to the west and Copan to the east.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I has passed an edict granting the County of Memphis autonomy from the Kingdom of the Grove, of which it is a part.

The Grove and Copan (collectively known as Orly) were both liberated from foreign rule by a rebellion last week which refounded the two states as they existed prior to Declan I of Wilcsland seizing control over them in December 2010.

Jonathan I accepted the wish of the Orlian people to have the two kingdoms restored under Austenasian suzerainty, as Orlians generally regard the authority of their monarchs to come from the Austenasian Throne, which appoints them.

Having appointed new monarchs of Copan and the Grove last week, Jonathan I also promised that he would grant Memphis, capital of the Grove, relative autonomy. Her Illustrious Highness Countess Eritoshi, a close friend of the Emperor, has held the title Countess of Memphis since September last year.

In a lengthy proclamation issued by the Emperor last night, Memphis itself and a large part of the surrounding area in the Grove have been incorporated into a County of Memphis, ruled by Countess Eritoshi, who now has the power to veto any command of the King of the Grove in regards to Memphis and, while recognising him as her feudal superior, cannot have her title or powers removed by him.

The proclamation, named the Second Edict of Orly, is nearly two thousand words long due to also delineating in precise detail the exact boundaries between Orly and the United Kingdom, and within Orly between the Grove and Copan.