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Palasia annexed as ties cut with New Wessex

Palasia, the fourth Town of Austenasia, annexed earlier today.

Palasia, the fourth Town of Austenasia, annexed earlier today.

The Sixth Imperial Decree of HIM Emperor Jonathan I, passed earlier today, has annexed Palasia as a fourth Town of the Empire while cutting most remaining ties with the United Kingdom of New Wessex.

The first part of the decree annexes as the Town of Palasia a house near the Norfolk town of Thetford, appointing Lord John Gordon – an inhabitant who has previously run many of his own micronations – as its Baron and Acting Representative. Palasia has a population of four, and spans nearly 1400 square feet.

The annexation of Palasia is the sixth expansion of Austenasia since Jonathan I became Emperor in January – since the start of his reign, the Empire has expanded on an average of once a month. Palasia is the fourth Town of Austenasia, joining Wrythe, Zephyria and Thanasia.

The second part of today’s Imperial Decree has cut many of the ties between Austenasia and New Wessex. In the decree, the Emperor states that the measures taken are “due to an irreparable breakdown in relations and communication between Our Imperial Majesty and His Majesty the King of New Wessex”.

King Declan I of New Wessex, former Emperor himself, was deposed from Orly last month in a rebellion, which has subsequently been hailed a “liberation” from foreign rule by Orlian citizens. The Emperor has confirmed that he has not spoken with Declan I since.

The decree has given notice that Austenasia will withdraw from its military alliance with New Wessex on 7 August 2013, which was formed with its predecessor state Moylurg on 7 August 2010. The status of Declan I as an Austenasian subject has been revoked, and Jonathan I has relinquished his Wessaxon title Duke of Atlantos (held since November 2010), relinquished an honorary Wessaxon citizenship, and resigned from his position as Ambassador to New Wessex.

  1. HMSE Mark Williams II
    12 July 2013 at 8:18 pm

    As the Viceroy of New Wiltshire, I would like to announce my decision to secede from New Wessex and request immediate incorporation into the Austenasian Empire.


  2. HMSE Mark Williams II
  1. 7 August 2013 at 7:59 am

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