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Report on archaeological dig published

The Imperial Geographical Society has published a report on its findings from the archaeological dig which took place under the patio in Wrythe Public Park between August and November last year.

The report, which can be found here, is in PowerPoint format, and contains photographs of several of the findings.

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Expedition investigates tunnel legend

Jonathan I inspects a possible entrance to the tunnels, previously discovered in 2010 by an expedition led by Esmond III.

Emperor Jonathan I and Countess Eritoshi yesterday investigated legends of a huge network of tunnels underneath the British town of Beddington leading into the surrounding area.

Emperor Esmond III had led an informal expedition in search of the entrances to these tunnels on 29 May 2010, but this had little success other than finding a shaft covered by a large rock which went into a mound in a park in Wallington.

The expedition, recorded on camera for the Imperial Geographical Society, first went to Copan, where they investigated some pipes directly over one of the possible routes taken by the tunnels if they branched off towards various old buildings as rumoured. However, these pipes were found to have been for drainage in the days when a watermill stood in the north of Copan.

The Emperor and Countess next headed into Wallington, to the same park explored by Esmond III’s expedition in 2010. It was judged that the mound with a shaft leading down into it was probably once an old air raid shelter – it could not be proven otherwise, as an attempt to move the rock which blocks the entrance failed.

The expedition afterwards walked to Beddington Park to visit Carew Manor. It is known that a tunnel exists under the medieval Carew Manor, but both it and the church next to it were closed and so there was nobody there to ask about the tunnels. Walking in the direction of the Plough Inn, the Emperor and Countess explored a small wooded area between the two locations. A circle of tarmac was discovered in the woods, which the Emperor suggested may possibly be a blocked entrance to the tunnel running between the two.

Arriving at the Plough Inn, the expedition spoke to the assistant manager, who confirmed that the tunnel entrance in the cellar had been bricked up. She told them that a nearby hill on which some houses were built had been made with the soil excavated when the tunnels were dug.

After walking over the hill and noting the large amount of soil that would have been needed to construct it, the Emperor and Countess walked down a road known to have a manhole cover leading down to the tunnels. A relatively large, unmarked one was found, which is likely to have been the one connected to the tunnels. The expedition then departed via bus to Thanasia.

This was the fourth IGS Expedition to have taken place so far in 2013. A video of the expedition can be seen here.

North American territory annexed

New Richmond yesterday afternoon

The Empire of Austenasia has expanded into North America for the first time with the annexation of New Richmond.

New Richmond, which has been annexed as a Crown Dependency, makes North America the fourth continent alongside Europe, Australasia and South America to be home to Austenasian land.

The land was annexed by the Empire yesterday evening by an Imperial Decree.

Joseph Kennedy MAO has been appointed the Governing Commissioner of the new Crown Dependency, and exercises absolute authority over it in the name of the Throne. Although the land is uninhabited, it adds over 28,000 square feet to Austenasia. The annexation of New Richmond is the seventh territorial acquisition of the Empire so far this year.

University places confirmed for Jonathan I and Countess Eritoshi

The places applied for by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor and Countess Eritoshi of Memphis at the University of Roehampton have both “been confirmed” by UCAS as their exam results were released this morning.

Emperor Jonathan I and Countess Eritoshi of Memphis will both start university courses at Roehampton in September.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), the admission service for applications to universities in the UK, sent Emperor Jonathan I and the Countess of Memphis messages to their accounts on the UCAS website confirming their places after Roehampton University was sent their exam results.

The Emperor and Countess both finished their A-level exams in June. An A-level – officially known as an Advanced Level General Certificate of Education – is a qualification earned in the UK after two years of study at the completion of pre-university education. A-levels of a certain grade are required to enter university.

Both the Emperor and Countess will attend the University of Roehampton in September, the former to study Theology and the latter Zoology. The University is less than a mile away from the southern bank of the River Thames, and the Emperor plans to live there for most of his three year course.

Jonathan I obtained an A in Sociology, a B in Government and Politics, and a B in Law. He has received congratulations via telephone and Facebook from several friends and members of the extended Imperial Family.

Populations of Wrythe and Thanasia return from Wales

The immediate Imperial Family returned to Wrythe yesterday evening from holiday in North Wales.

Left – the Emperor and Countess explore Harlech Castle; right – Crown Princess Caroline holds a rabbit at a petting farm.

The four residents of Wrythe stayed in a large house in the coastal town of Criccieth. Unbeknownst to them until a few months previously, the population of Thanasia (Countess Eritoshi and her sister) and their parents were also staying in North Wales the same week, a few miles away in the town of Harlech.

The two families met on Monday morning and Thursday afternoon, exploring Harlech Castle before investigating rockpools and swimming on the nearby beach on the latter occasion.

The Wrythians had arrived on Saturday 3rd August, whereas the Thanasians had arrived on Friday 2nd, climbing a nearby mountain on Saturday.

Horse rides, ten-pin bowling, archery, coastal walks and a visit to a petting farm were just some of the activities that the residents of Wrythe partook in during their week away. The Emperor used the time spent in long car journeys to write up three new Imperial Decrees, which can be seen on the Austenasian government website.

Austenasian-Wessaxon alliance ends

At 11:47 later today, precisely three years after it was signed, the Empire of Austenasia will withdraw from the Treaty of Wilton.

The Treaty of Wilton was signed during a state visit by the then Crown Prince Jonathan and other members of the Imperial Family to Moylurg, a predecessor state of what is now New Wessex. It was signed between Crown Prince Jonathan and King Declan I near the River Wylye in the Moylurgian capital Wilton, and established a military alliance between Moylurg and the Empire.

Although never used to call either nation to arms in defence of the other, the Treaty of Wilton established a diplomatic link with New Wessex unequalled in strength by any other country recognised by Austenasia.

In recent months, relations between Austenasia and New Wessex have swiftly declined, catalysed by the circumstances surrounding the abdication of Declan I from the Austenasian Throne in January and the liberation of Orly from Wessaxon rule in June.

Emperor Jonathan I confirmed on 12 July that there had been an “irreparable breakdown in relations and communication” between himself and Declan I in an Imperial Decree which cut many of the ties between Austenasia and New Wessex, including the revocation of the status of Declan I as an Austenasian subject and the relinquishing of Wessaxon titles and citizenship by Jonathan I, and gave notice that the alliance between the two countries would end on 7 August.

A further Imperial Decree passed on 5 August removed what was perhaps the only other tie between the nations, the capacity for Austenasian subjects to hold dual citizenship with New Wessex, which had been confirmed in April 2012.