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The Emperor moves into Roehampton University

Emperor Jonathan I in his new room at Roehampton before his belongings were unpacked.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor yesterday moved into accommodation at the University of Roehampton.

Emperor Father Terry and Emperor Mother Margaret helped Jonathan I to unpack his belongings in the en suite room he now lives in, located in the Digby Stuart College of the university. The university is located just over 6 miles away from Wrythe, which the Emperor plans to visit every few weeks.

The Emperor shares the floor which his room is on with six other people. Although each room has its own bathroom, there is a shared kitchen area.

After moving into the university yesterday, Jonathan I today attended talks given to those in the Humanities Department before having lunch and spending the afternoon with Countess Eritoshi, who is also studying at the university although not taking up residence there. The Emperor will start a three-year course on Theology and Religious Studies next week after formal enrolment on Wednesday.

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