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Australian police escorted from New South Scotland

The Austenasian crown dependency of New South Scotland is surrounded by the Australian state of New South Wales.

Two Australian constables from the New South Wales Police Force have been escorted from the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New South Scotland.

The two police constables are reported to have been harassing visitors to New South Scotland (which is surrounded by the Australian state of New South Wales) by asking visitors of the crown dependency for identification in a rude manner.

A constable from New South Scotland’s own police force, the New South Scotland Constabulary, then asked the Australian police to leave.

The Australian police were escorted from New South Scotland by the constable, who was assisted by a group of socialists visiting from Australia who to the amusement of others sang the Internationale while escorting the Australian constables out.

New South Wales Police Force is not thought to have made any formal comment on the incident.

Sebastian Linden visits Wrythe and Orly

Emperor Jonathan I with Sebastian Linden in Wrythe.

Sebastian Linden, a leader of the Federal Republic of Francisville, today visited Carshalton.

Linden, who is a member of Francisville’s Federal Council (a body which serves as the country’s collective head of state) and governor of the Francillian canton of Rudno, was met by Emperor Jonathan I at Carshalton station.

The Emperor then gave Linden a guided tour of Orly, which is situated very close to the station, before the two walked to the house of Queen Emma I of Copan, where they were served drinks and engaged in discussion with the Queen and some of her friends.

Jonathan I and Linden then walked to Wrythe, speaking to Countess Eritoshi (Chief Ambassador and candidate for Austenasian Prime Minister in next month’s elections) via mobile phone on the way. At Wrythe, Linden was introduced to Emperor Father Terry, Emperor Mother Margaret, Crown Princess Caroline and the Imperial Family’s two pet bullmastiffs Rose and Edd.

After being shown Wrythe Public Park and its various monuments, Linden had his photograph taken with the Emperor before the two had some food and discussed several matters. Jonathan I then accompanied Linden back to Carshalton station.

Austenasia has recognised Francisville – founded in November 2008 – as a sovereign state since 13 August 2012. Francisville does not formally recognise the Empire in return due to its complete lack of any official foreign relations, but has granted tacit recognition to Austenasia several times besides today’s visit, including a letter sent in December 2012 stating the wish of the Francillian government to eventually pursue formal diplomacy with the Empire.

State of mourning declared in Palasia

Lord John Gordon, the Baron and Representative of Palasia, has declared a state of mourning in the Town after learning of the death of his grandfather early this morning. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has sent Lord John his condolences.

Candidates for Prime Minister announced

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has approved three applicant Representatives as Candidates for Prime Minister.

The candidates for Prime Minister – left to right: HIH Countess Eritoshi, Lord John Gordon, and Lord Marshal William (well known for not allowing any publication of his image)

Emperor Jonathan I made the announcement this morning on the Facebook group for Austenasia and in several Skype chatrooms used by various politicians and diplomats from around the community of small nations.

HIH Countess Eritoshi of Memphis (Acting Representative of Thanasia), Lord Marshal William of Zephyria, and Lord John Gordon of Palasia have all been approved by the Emperor as Candidates. Under Austenasian law, any Representative or Acting Representative can apply to stand for Prime Minister, but must be approved by the Monarch to do so.

A recent poll on the Facebook group “MicroGroup” revealed Countess Eritoshi as the clear favourite to win amongst foreign observers in the MicroWiki community, but it is unlikely that domestic votes will be so one-sided. It is expected for each candidate to secure the votes from their Towns – two from Thanasia for Countess Eritoshi, three from Zephyria for Lord Marshal William, and three from Palasia for Lord John – but it is not known how the three voters of Wrythe or the four non-residential subjects eligible to take part will cast their votes.

The election will take place on 18 November, alongside a Local Election for Representatives. Even if the winner of the General Election loses their seat as a Representative in the Local Election, they will remain Prime Minister, as was the case with the now Emperor in the December 2011 elections.

Jonathan I celebrates 19th birthday

13 October 2013 2 comments

A birthday cake presented to the Emperor by the immediate Imperial Family.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I has celebrated his 19th birthday this weekend after returning to Wrythe from Roehampton University on Friday 11th.

On Saturday 12th, the Emperor was accompanied by Countess Eritoshi, Emperor Father Terry, Crown Princess Caroline, Air Chief Marshal Micheal, and M. Jones of the Imperial Air Force to a game of laser-tag in Sutton, after which a meal was had at a nearby restaurant.

Today, Sunday 13th – the Emperor’s birthday – he attended church in the morning before returning to Wrythe to open presents and cards.

Birthday greetings have been received from many friends, foreign leaders, and members of the extended Imperial Family.