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Local Election candidates announced

Those running for Representative in each Town of the Empire for the Local Election on Monday 18th November later this month have been confirmed.

Between 28 October and 4 November, any subject (or, under certain circumstances, resident) willing was permitted to publicly announce their intention to run for Representative of their Town. The holder of the office represents their Town in Parliament and is eligible to become Prime Minister and hold positions in Cabinet.

In Wrythe, the incumbent Crown Princess Caroline has chosen not to run for a second term as Representative. Her brother the Emperor, who was Representative of Wrythe (while Crown Prince) between September 2008 and December 2011, is running to regain the position.

In Zephyria, the incumbent Lord Marshal William is running to be re-elected. Lord Marshal William has been Representative of Zephyria since September 2010, when it was renamed from South Kilttown.

In both Thanasia and Palasia, the Acting Representative is hoping to be elected to Representative proper. Countess Eritoshi of Memphis is currently Acting Representative of Thanasia, and Lord John Gordon is currently Acting Representative of Palasia – both have been Acting Representative of their Town since Thanasia and Palasia were annexed by Austenasia in May and July respectively earlier this year.

In response to only one candidate standing in every local election, the Emperor has passed an Imperial Edict stating that in each local election there will also be an option to abstain. Should that option receive more votes than the sole candidate, then the election will be regarded as legally inconclusive. Should that happen, the relevant Town Council could exercise the powers of the Representative via voting or appoint their own Acting Representative.

Apologies for this news being posted late. This was due to technical difficulties.

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