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Orange Pyramid damaged by shrub

30 December 2013 1 comment

The Orange Pyramid has been damaged by a Buddleia davidii plant.

The pyramid, located in Wrythe Public Park, was built in April 2011 as a monument to cultural diversity and rebuilt in May 2012 in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Declan I becoming king of what is now New Wessex.

By October 2013, the Buddleia plant had been noticed growing over the top of the pyramid, almost completely obscuring it by the end of the month. The plant was pulled back today to reveal that the pyramid has been slightly shifted to one side and had its cap-stone knocked off by the shrub pushing against it.

A plank of wood and metal pole have been placed in the ground as a temporary measure to hold the shrub back from damaging the pyramid further.

Christmas celebrated by Imperial Family

The extended Austenasian Imperial Family has had two days of Christmas celebrations.

Emperor Mother Margaret, Emperor Father Terry and Crown Princess Caroline share a joke surrounded by presents on Christmas Day in the Boxalls’ house.

Christmas Day (Wednesday 25th) begun with the immediate Imperial Family opening presents in Parliament Hall before meeting Emperor Grandmother Joyce and attending the Christmas morning service at Carshalton Methodist Church, also attended by Lord Marshal William and (the former Prince of Copan) Sir Joseph. The Imperial Family then went to the house of the Boxall family (the relatives of Emperor Mother Margaret) for Christmas lunch and more presents.

On Boxing Day (Thursday 26th) the situation was reserved, with the Emperor Grandmother and the Boxalls being hosted in the Imperial Residence with a buffet lunch and tea, playing board games and receiving some more gifts.

For the first time, the Emperor has published a Christmas broadcast. In his speech (which was uploaded to YouTube), Emperor Jonathan I reflects upon the past year of growth in both land and population for Austenasia, and expresses his wishes that next year will be just as good for the Empire.


New governor for Corinium Terentium

Lord Centurion William Wade yesterday resigned from his position as governor of the Territory of Corinium Terentium.

The Territory, surrounded by the British county of Gloucestershire, consists of a large field that is roughly 428,000 square feet, and has been under Austenasian sovereignty since being annexed on 4 May 2013.

The Lord Centurion was replaced by Lord Tribune Andrew Jones-Creed-Mortimer, who is also Baron of the territory. Governors are responsible for maintaining and enforcing Austenasian law within the Territory they are assigned to.

Imperial Family celebrates confirmation and birthday

Not only did the Imperial Family today celebrate the 58th birthday of Emperor Mother Margaret, but also the confirmation of Crown Princess Caroline into the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

Members of the extended Imperial Family celebrate in Parliament Hall.

The day started with both individuals opening some presents in the Imperial Residence. The Imperial Family then attended the confirmation service at Carshalton Methodist Church, joined by the Boxalls (the family of the Emperor Mother). Emperor Jonathan I – who finishes his first term at university at the end of the week – also attended, having come home for the weekend.

During the service, Crown Princess Caroline and several other younger people (including Sir Joseph, former Prince of Copan) were confirmed into membership of the Methodist Church of Great Britain. The Imperial Family and Boxalls then had lunch at a nearby gastropub, before the group travelled to the Imperial Residence.

At the Imperial Residence, more presents were opened and cake and coffee were served. A list of those present at the celebration in the Imperial Residence is as follows: Emperor Jonathan I, Crown Princess Caroline, Emperor Mother Margaret, Emperor Father Terry, Emperor Grandmother Joyce, Lord Michael (brother of the Emperor Mother), Dame Rosalind (wife of Lord Michael), and their children Lord Timothy and Ladies Catherine and Jennifer.

Winter begins as Palasia threatened with storm evacuation

5 December 2013 1 comment

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced the official start of winter 2013-4 in the Austenasian calendar, as a storm forces thousands from their homes in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, two people have died and tens of thousands of homes are without electricity due to the storm, with winds over 100 mph having been recorded in some locations. Thousands have been evacuated from their homes in preparation for a storm surge along the east coast of England.

Deputy Prime Minister Lord John Gordon informed government officials over Skype earlier today that his town of Palasia has been put under a state of emergency, being situated close to the areas in which the British government has issued flood warnings. He also noted that flooding of Palasia was “anticipated” and evacuation was “possible”.

Other areas of mainland Austenasia are not thought to be so much at risk, although all have been experiencing above-average wind speeds throughout the day, with heavy rain falling in Greater Wrythe this afternoon. Glencrannog is forecasted to have sleet and strong winds tonight, but that is unlikely to affect its non-existent population.

The Emperor has sent a message of support to Palasia and advised all residents to stay indoors should they be worried about the weather.

UPDATE 6 DECEMBER 11:00 – Lord John Gordon has informed the Emperor that the residents of Palasia “are all fine”, and that despite it being “very windy with a bit of flooding” there was “nothing serious”. The state of emergency within Palasia, under which Lord John had been given emergency powers, has also been lifted.