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Consuls appointed as New Year heralded

Today begins the year of the consulship of Eritoshi Augusta and Imperator Caesar Jonathan Augustus.

Relatives and friends of the Emperor in heavy rain on the traditional New Year’s Day walk on Wimbledon Common.

The Prime Minister, Countess Eritoshi of Memphis, has appointed herself and Emperor Jonathan I as this year’s consuls, Austenasia’s highest judicial authorities after whom the year is named in formal documents.

In Wrythe, the New Year was brought in with the immediate Imperial Family playing party games and watching coverage of the fireworks display in the British capital. The two consuls wished each other a happy new year over Skype mere seconds after the clock struck twelve, with the Emperor then joining his family in singing Auld Lang Syne.

It is traditional for the Imperial Family to join their relatives the Boxalls and some members of Raynes Park Methodist Church (formerly attended by the family) on a walk around Wimbledon Common on New Year’s Day. Despite torrential rain, the turnout of twelve was the same as last year’s, although the walk was considerably shortened.

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