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New Richmond expands

New Richmond, one of the two North American Crown Dependencies of Austenasia, has gained two residents and thousands of square feet of land.

New Richmond – red indicates the new territory annexed yesterday. (Image rights belong to Google and the Commonwealth of Virginia)

The Crown Dependency, officially titled the Dominion of New Richmond, yesterday grew by over 120% by annexing an adjacent piece of land.

This land is lived on by the Lord Lieutenant of New Richmond, who administers the Crown Dependency on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Governing Commissioner Joseph Kennedy (who in turn represents the Emperor), and his wife, giving New Richmond a population of two.

While precise measurements are very difficult, this territorial acquisition by New Richmond – first annexed by Austenasia on 16 August 2013 – is thought to have increased the size of the Empire to over one and a half million square feet for the first time.

There are also plans for the newly acquired population of New Richmond to be given powers to propose legislation for the Governing Commissioner to consider.

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