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Theodorist Party disbanded as Spring begins in Austenasia

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I earlier today passed an Imperial Decree disbanding the Theodorist Party of Austenasia (TPA) and abolishing the system of formally registered political parties.


The logo of the now-disbanded Theodorist Party of Austenasia (TPA).

Although political parties can still be formed as informal voluntary associations, the decree reflects on the fact that “partisan politics is not to the liking of the Austenasian people” – all but two of the twenty three members of the TPA were foreigners.

This sees the Emperor distancing himself from Theodorism, a model he published in January 2012 (while still Crown Prince) for a theoretical social order combining elements of socialism and monarchy.

The decree states that “the imposition of a new social order is… [not] necessary within the Empire… [and] the formal implementation of Theodorism within Austenasia would do little more than prevent any necessary future adaptions that Austenasian society may have to make.” It also claims that the core tenets of Theodorism are already de facto in place in the populated areas of the Empire, with those who can work doing so and providing for those who cannot.

A modified version of Theodorism was successfully adopted by Überstadt last year; the decree passed by Jonathan I specifically states that it is in no way a suggestion or endorsement “that they should cease to follow that model”. Likewise, an autonomous branch of the TPA functioning in Monovia will not be affected by the dissolution.

The decree also announces the start of Spring 2014 tomorrow (21 February) in the Austenasian calendar.

Orange Pyramid in ruins after storm

The badly damaged Orange Pyramid. Wrythe Genocide Memorial stands unscathed in the ruins.

The Orange Pyramid has been ruined after a heavy storm.

The pyramid, situated in Wrythe Public Park, was noted at the end of last year to have been damaged by a bush growing over it. Strong winds of up to 80 mph during a storm on the evening of 14 February are thought to have pushed the bush against the monument violently enough to severely damage it.

Some of the bricks out of which the pyramid is built have fallen off, and most of the others have become dislodged. Wrythe Genocide Memorial, an unrelated monument situated next to the pyramid, is undamaged.

The Emperor has so far given no indication as to whether the ruined pyramid will be rebuilt, dismantled, or left as it is.

Devastation in Copan as floods continue

15 February 2014 2 comments

The Secluded Place, capital of Copan, has been cordoned off after water from what used to be a dry river-bed continues to flow into it, coinciding with torrential rain.

Last month, Westcroft Canal – an old tributary of the River Wandle in Carshalton which is usually dry – started to flow again after heavy rain, flowing down into the Secluded Place. Smoker’s Wall, the brick structure leading down into the capital, became a waterfall, but now the upper wall has broken under the pressure of the water, with the water no longer flowing over the main structure but strongly gushing down past one side, revealing that a large crack has appeared in Smoker’s Wall.

Sutton Parks Service, which has continued to maintain The Grove Park after it became independent from the United Kingdom in July 2010 as Orly (of which Copan is a constituent country), has set up barriers around the Secluded Place warning people of the steep slippery slopes and the fast-flowing water.

It was reported earlier this month that some Orlians had attempted to dam the pipe which carries water from the United Kingdom into Copan so as to stop the flooding, but to no avail.

The water flowing through the Secluded Place has nowhere to go once it reaches the end, spilling out onto the Plain of Copan (the large field which makes up the majority of the country) and resulting in most of the kingdom being either flooded or extremely muddy. The Playing Field – a large area comprising roughly two-fifths of Copan – is completely cut off, as it is surrounded on most sides by fences and its only entrances are blocked by floodwater.

As well as the flooding and the damage to Smoker’s Wall, the Secluded Place has also had a tree blown over by strong winds last night. Westcroft Canal is expected to keep flowing for several more weeks at least, with more damage likely to take place over that time. An album of photographs of the flooding can be seen here.

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