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IGS Expedition to Woldingham

The expedition walks through woodland near Woldingham.

The Imperial Geographical Society has conducted an expedition through woods and farmland to the south-west of the British town of Woldingham.

The expedition, which was led by John of Zephyria (Officer of the Austenasian Order and father of Lord Marshal William), consisted of ten people. These included Emperor Jonathan I and Emperor Mother Margaret.

The rest of the expedition’s members were from Carshalton Methodist Church, which organises a ramble on the first Monday of May to coincide with the annual IGS expedition.

The expedition encountered several farm animals – chickens, ducks, horses, cows and goats – in fields adjacent to the paths followed, and walked through some areas of beautiful bluebell woodland.  It also had a look inside St. Agatha’s Church, a tiny High Anglican church close to the route being followed.

A footpath which the expedition travelled along for part of the way has been named Paloma Path in memory of Rose (whose pedigree name was Bramarley Paloma of Carothan), who sadly died last month.

Photographs and video clips were taken, and a short film of the expedition can be seen here.



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