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Subjectship granted to foreign members of the government

The status of Austenasian subjects has been bestowed upon some members of the Austenasian government who did not already hold it, increasing the population to 36.

Subjectship was given to Dux Sir Joseph Kennedy, Governing Commissioner of New Richmond; Tribune Jacob Lewis, Governing Commissioner of Terentia; and Prince Andrew I, Governor of Corinium Terentium.

These three individuals have governed Austenasian land for several months now, but remained citizens of foreign countries (the USA and Ashukovo, the USA and Juclandia, and the UK and Sabovia respectively). Having been given the option to become Austenasian nationals, these officials accepted and were granted the status by Parliament earlier today.

Austenasia has laws forbidding dual citizenship with any country other than the UK in most cases, but Parliament has the power to make exceptions to these rules.

The other three Governing Commissioners of the Empire have been given until 1 July to accept the offer of Austenasian subjectship, until which they can be granted the status by a mere public declaration of the Monarch.

Members of the population can be either subjects or residents, or hold both statuses simultaneously. Residents are those who live in the Empire (currently 30 people) whereas subjects are those who have the right to vote in a general election. While most subjects also live in the Empire, not all do – as well as the three people granted subjectship today, the status is also held by former emperor Esmond III and by two military veterans, all non-residents.

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