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Contract and family law passed

Two Acts of Parliament were given Imperial Consent yesterday evening forming a basis for Austenasian contract law and family law.

The first, the Contract Law and Magistrates Act 2014, defines a contract, who can enter into them, and how they can be breached or repudiated, generally following the same principles of British contract law.

The second, the Parents, Guardians and Children Act 2014 codifies the responsibilities of parents and guardians to children, and also lists children’s rights (based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

Provision has also been made for magistrates to be appointed, judges who will settle disputes in civil law including contractual and family matters, but also covering issues such as property ownership and inheritance. Furthermore, compromises – legally binding agreements made outside of court – have been established as an alternative means of conflict resolution.

Speaking in Parliament, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor stated that he felt the Empire “really should expand our civil law”. Nearly all Austenasian legislation to date has been concerned with criminal law, administration, and titles.

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