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New Richmond adopts constitution

The flag of New Richmond.

The Dominion of New Richmond, an Austenasian Crown Dependency in North America, has adopted a constitution after confirmation by the Emperor and approval by the population of New Richmond.

The constitution, which was written by the Crown Dependency’s Governing Commissioner, Dux Sir Joseph Kennedy, has established the Dominion Assembly, which will act as New Richmond’s legislature and judiciary. It held its first meeting earlier today.

The constitution – which can be read here – came into effect yesterday, after receiving the assent of the population. While it has not transferred the source of authority – as a Crown Dependency, all power is held by the Emperor and exercised through his Governing Commissioner – it has made the government of New Richmond somewhat more representative and accountable.

Dux Sir Joseph Kennedy is currently on a week-long visit to New Richmond, which has a population of two. In his absence, it is administered by his deputy Legate Barger, who holds the title Lord Lieutenant.

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