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Joint Austenasian-Landashir’n Scotland Office opened

Logo of the Scotland Office.

The Scotland Office has been founded in Edinburgh by Deputy Chief Ambassador Sir James von Puchow.

It will function as a “centre of official communication and diplomatic affairs” and be jointly administered by the Austenasian Foreign Office and the government of von Puchow’s home nation of Landashir, the latter of which will officially host it.

The Scotland Office, which was officially established on Monday 5th after the idea was first raised several months ago, is also the consular office of the Empire in Scotland, with von Puchow yesterday appointed Austenasian Consul-General in Scotland by Chief Ambassador Countess Eritoshi.

It is hoped that the Scotland Office will be used for hosting summits and meetings between national leaders, with several members of the MicroWiki diplomatic community studying at the nearby Edinburgh University or planning to soon do so.

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