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General election called for 3 March

Earlier today, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I called for a general election to take place in seven weeks time, on 3 March.

The most recent general election was held in November 2013, with Countess Eritoshi of Memphis being elected Prime Minister.

Up to four years can pass from a general election before another must, under the Austenasian Constitution of 2011, be called. In an exclusive statement to the Austenasian Times, the Emperor explained his reason for calling one so much earlier than necessary:

“Although Countess Eritoshi won the November 2013 election with two-thirds of the vote, Austenasia has expanded so much since then that those who voted for her now make up a mere 16% of the electorate. We have called this election not out of any displeasure with how she has been fulfilling her role as Prime Minister, but out of a wish to ensure that the holder of said office has a genuine democratic mandate.”

It is expected that Countess Eritoshi will run to be re-elected Prime Minister. It is also expected that Lord Joseph Kennedy – and maybe others – will run against her. Candidates will be announced on 3 February after being formally approved by the Emperor.

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