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Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy elected Prime Minister

Portrait of Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy, newly-elected Prime Minister of Austenasia.

HIH Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy, Count of Greater Richmond, has been elected Prime Minister of Austenasia with 68.3% of the vote.

Lord Dux Joseph had run as an independent against Countess Eritoshi of Memphis, who had sought to be re-elected on an environmentalist platform. The Countess received 21.95% of the vote, while 9.75% of voters chose to abstain.

Forty one people voted out of an electorate of forty eight – an impressive 85.4% turnout. This was up from a 60% turnout in the previous general election, when Countess Eritoshi was elected in November 2013.

“We congratulate Lord Dux Joseph on his election as Prime Minister, and offer our commiserations to Countess Eritoshi,” Emperor Jonathan I said after announcing the election results. “The Lord Dux worked hard on his campaign, and we look forward to what he will bring to government. We also wish to congratulate the Austenasian people on an impressive turnout – this was your opportunity to have your say in who will lead our government, and you certainly took it.”

Lord Dux Joseph, speaking exclusively to the Austenasian Times, gave the following statement: “It is the greatest honour of my life to be chosen as Prime Minister of the Empire. I shall strive for the remainder of my term to serve the Austenasian people and HIM the Emperor in any way possible.” His official victory speech can be heard here.

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