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Emperor celebrates 21st birthday

The Emperor’s 21st birthday party took place yesterday in the Imperial Residence.

A party was held in the Imperial Residence yesterday evening to celebrate the 21st birthday of Emperor Jonathan I.

The Imperial Family were joined by relatives and family friends for the party, including Deputy Prime Minister Countess Eritoshi and her sister Lady Imogen, one of the current two consuls.

The Emperor received several birthday cards and presents from the guests at the party.

The actual birthday of the Emperor was on 13 October, which was observed with the opening of presents and a meal out with the other members of the immediate Imperial Family. The party was held yesterday instead of on Tuesday so that more people would be available to attend.


  1. 19 October 2015 at 5:05 am

    Emperor Jonathan 1 is the pride of this planet .I have never seen such noble heart and kind person in my life . Incidentally my original birthday is 13th March ( Officially it is different due to system of our country ) and My anniversary date is 13th May and my wife’s birthday 13th April . 13th is most lucky number in my life .Long live number 13 .

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