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Emperor adopts Imperial Cipher

The newly adopted personal Imperial Cipher of Emperor Jonathan I.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I has adopted an Imperial Cipher for use as a personal emblem or seal where the Imperial Standard is inappropriate.

The cipher consists of a double-headed eagle, holding a sword and a globus cruciger, and bearing the letters “J I I” – “Jonathan I Imperator”.

When used in heraldry or as a flag, the cipher will have a background of imperial purple. It is planned for the cipher to mainly be used as a seal to authenticate papers.

The cipher is based on that of the late medieval Roman emperors of the Palaialogos dynasty.

Jonathan I is not the first Austenasian emperor to adopt an imperial cipher; Declan I did so in June 2012, and Esmond III used one in an unofficial capacity from August 2010 onwards.

National motto amended

The Austenasian coat of arms, which will soon be revised in light of the national motto being corrected.

The Austenasian coat of arms, which will soon be revised in light of the national motto being corrected.

In an Imperial Edict passed earlier today, Emperor Jonathan I made an amendment to the national motto of the Empire.

Since July 2011, the national motto of Austenasia had been “Imperator et Populum Austenasiae” (Emperor and People of Austenasia), based on the emblematic “S.P.Q.R.” of the Roman Empire.

However, it recently became known that the phrase was grammatically incorrect. “Populum” should instead have been “Populus”, and was changed to such earlier today.

This change will require a new depiction of the national coat of arms to be published, on which the motto is displayed.

News archive site frozen

The message received by those attempting to access the News Archives.

The website hosting the news archives of Austenasia prior to the establishment of the Austenasian Times has been frozen from public viewing.

Those attempting to access the website are met with the message that “This website is frozen.”

The reason for this problem is not known.

Before the establishment of the Austenasian Times in November 2012, the Prime Minister posted brief news updates on the main page of the government website. These small articles were then moved to another website,

The Secretary-General’s Office has contacted Webs, the company which hosts the website, regarding the issue and is awaiting a reply.

UPDATE 25 NOVEMBER 09:19 – The problem has now been resolved, with the News Archives website once more online.