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The eligibility of the Prime Minister

Article by Lord Adam von Friedeck, Duke of Washington (a.k.a. King Adam I of Überstadt).

Esteemed friends and colleagues:

From time to time, baseless disputes enter our community of small nations, and this week, a new one emerged: the question, raised by foreign journalists, of whether Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, the incumbent Prime Minister, retains his electoral mandate. I can say with confidence that he does.

Horatio Eden, writing for the Daily Micronational, first raised the matter, observing that Austenasia’s population has grown since Lord Kennedy was elected last year. This is especially significant given that demographic shifts were partially responsible for the calling of the last general election. Attempting to justify his concern, Mr. Eden claims that the voters that gave him over 68% in the election now comprise about a third of the Empire. However, this is false.

As the Emperor clarified to the House of Representatives yesterday, while the Empire has seen an increase in residents over the past nine months, not a single new subject has been naturalized (Austenasian Subjects are those with legal citizenship, and those residents without this status lack suffrage). Therefore, there has been no change in Lord Kennedy’s electoral mandate. The same people who formed the electorate nine months ago remain the entirety of the electorate today.

The Prime Minister’s Office is aware of no popular opposition to Lord Kennedy’s premiership within the Empire, and welcomes all feedback and input Austenasians may have concerning the Imperial Government’s policies and activities. As for Mr. Eden, I acknowledge that he most likely misunderstood the facts of the situation and did not act out of malice. Those motivated by personal dislike of Lord Kennedy to further misrepresent the situation in other news outlets are invited to correct themselves.

Faithfully yours,

Lord Adam, Duke of Washington
Chief of Staff, Prime Minister’s Office

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