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New ministry established for “digital transformation”

A new Government Ministry established on Friday 28th February will “provide for the development of e-Governance” and work towards improving the online information sources for Austenasia.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation, set up by an Act of Parliament last Friday, will work towards fulfilling a pledge in the manifesto of recently elected Prime Minister Dionisiy I to develop Austenasia’s internet presence and to set up “e-Governance” portals such as online voting forms.

Prince Dionisiy himself has been appointed the first Minister of Digital Transformation, and as such will bear personal responsibility for its success.

Speaking exclusively to the Austenasian Times, Prince Dionisiy said that the new Ministry will “greatly improve our online capabilities.” He continued:

“…it shall work on the creation of a greatly needed e-Government portal, a better Archive for laws and some better information websites for Austenasia. The e-Government will enable us to give you all more power to interact with the government, to request access to records and to vote.”

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