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Wilson hosts Virtual Holiday Party

28 December 2021 1 comment
Wilson hosting today’s Virtual Holiday Party

A festive “Virtual Holiday Party” was held online today for Austenasian and foreign dignitaries.

The event was hosted by the Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson, on the instant messaging platform Discord.

The Virtual Holiday Party – the first of its kind – lasted several hours, with various Austenasian and foreign dignitaries joining the online video and voice conference.

Wilson, who wore a Santa hat on top of his well-known cowboy hat, provided conversation and company for those joining during the day. A short quiz was held, and the event was also used to raise awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charity for which the Order of Saint Constantine is currently holding a fundraising drive.

Western Jarrahview threatened by bushfire

Western Jarrahview (white) within the Emergency zone (red)

A huge wildfire in western Australia has resulted in concerns for the Austenasian Territory of Western Jarrahview.

The unpredictable and as of yet uncontrolled fire, which is raging within Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and fanned by strong winds, has already razed over 5,000 hectares of bushland.

No injuries have yet been reported, but while the Australian authorities fight the fire, homes in the area have been evacuated and tourists are being instructed to stay away.

Western Jarrahview is an uninhabited wooded area spanning 155,000 square feet, and was annexed by Austenasia after being claimed for the Empire by its now governor, Lord Daniel Hamilton, in January this year.

In zones established by the Australian authorities, Western Jarrahview is at the outer edge of the “Emergency” zone (red, in the image above), bordering the “Watch and Act” zone (yellow). The Austenasian territory (white border) is therefore at direct threat from the wildfire.

Although Western Jarrahview is uninhabited, it is home to dozens of Jarrah trees and Eucalyptus bushes, and the ecological impact of the fire reaching the territory would be devastating.

UPDATE 10 DECEMBER 22:20 – Lord Hamilton has reported that the bushfire is now under control, with Western Jarrahview having been spared any damage. Roughly 7,800 hectares of bushland were destroyed by the fire, which is suspected to have been started deliberately. Australian authorities have downgraded the threat to the zone in which Western Jarrahview is situated to “Bushfire Advice”, meaning it is unlikely it will come under threat again.