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Bradley of Dullahan appointed Deputy Prime Minister

Bradley of Dullahan, Representative of Helinium, was yesterday appointed Deputy Prime Minister following the resignation of Lord Hunter Prater from the position.

Lord Prater, who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) in September last year upon Lord William Wilson’s victory in the general election, has announced his retirement from national government, although he remains Representative of New Flat Rock.

One notable legacy of Lord Prater’s time in office as DPM is his advocacy of weekly meetings of Cabinet, which previously tended to be held as required.

Bradley, Duke of Dullahan, also known by his title in the Holy Roman Empire as King of the Romans, was appointed yesterday to fill the vacancy. The position of Deputy Prime Minister is held by a Representative who is selected by the Prime Minister with the consent of the Monarch.

Duke Bradley – who also serves as the long-standing Prime Minister of Austenasian ally Wyvern – became an Austenasian national in March 2019. Earlier this year he was elected the parliamentary Representative of the new town of Helinium, which is inhabited by his sister and her partner.

New territory annexed from Poland

Saturday 30th July saw a new Territory annexed by the Empire of Austenasia from Poland.

The new land claim, Nervenston, was claimed by the now Lord Dominik Kądziołkais, who has been appointed Governor and Baron of the new territory.

Nervenston is uninhabited, and is comprised of the roughly 2,170 square foot garden of Lord Kądziołkais’ residence.

Nervenston was claimed from the south-west of Poland, and is the first Austenasian land claim to be annexed from that country.

Helinium annexed as new Town

The arms of Helinium

Yesterday saw the small polity of Helinium annexed as a new Austenasian Town.

Helinium, which is bordered by the Netherlands, was a part of New Virginia from November 2020 until July 2021, when it became independent during the attempted coup of that month.

Since then, it has existed as a tiny independent city-state.

The past week saw negotiations for Helinium to join Austenasia, culminating in annexation legislation being proposed to and passed by Parliament on Saturday 14th.

Bradley of Dullahan – the newly elected King of the Romans – has been appointed Acting Representative of Helinium, to serve until a local election is held on 5 June.

The Duke of Dullahan does not live in Helinium, but does live within the requisite twenty five miles from the Town to serve as its Representative. The new Town is home to his sister and her partner.

Imperial Geographical Society returns to Woldingham

The Imperial Geographical Society (IGS) has conducted an expedition through woods and farmland south-west of the British town of Woldingham.

The expedition re-traced the route of a previous expedition, held in 2014.

The expedition was planned and led by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, who was joined by twelve other people, including the Imperial Family, Princess Hannah, Lady Boxall (the former Dame Rosalind), and the former residents of Zephyria.

Although Princess Hannah has been on two IGS expeditions in the past, this was the first time that she had joined one of the larger May excursions. It was also the first time that the former Lord Marshal William had joined an IGS expedition since the very first, in 2009.

Re-tracing the steps of the 2014 expedition, the participants were able to compare aspects of the route to their encounter eight years ago; for example, a well-known viewpoint was partially obscured by new tree growth, and various landmarks noted along the way in 2014 were no longer there this time round.

The IGS, since 2009, has customarily launched an annual expedition at the start of May exploring an area of countryside in Surrey.

Due to restrictions on gatherings in the United Kingdom implemented as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the annual May expedition could not go ahead as usual in 2020 and 2021 (although May 2020 did see an IGS expedition in North America).

However, with all legal restrictions in the UK now lifted, the annual expedition was able to be resumed. With thirteen participants in this expedition, it was larger than the original 2014 one, which had ten.

After the expedition, Emperor Jonathan I and his parents joined Princess Hannah and John of Zephyria for refreshments in a garden centre café on the way back to Carshalton.

A video of today’s expedition will be uploaded shortly.

Taras Oliynyk dies in Ukraine

14 March 2022 1 comment

For the first time in the Empire’s history, an Austenasian national has died.

Taras Oliynyk was a Ukrainian citizen who served as governing commissioner of the Austenasian crown dependency of Chersoneses, which was claimed from Ukraine in June 2020.

He was drafted into the Ukrainian armed forces on February 22nd after the escalation of the ongoing conflict.

Taras lived in Chersoneses with his father, who was also drafted.

On March 9th, the government was informed that Taras was receiving treatment after having suffered a serious gunshot wound in battle. He died from his injuries yesterday evening.

Emperor Jonathan I has released a broadcast in response to this tragedy, in which he announced a nation-wide period of mourning for eleven days, to end with a minute’s silence at 6pm local time on March 24th.

Crown Princess Caroline meets the Prince of Wales

12 March 2022 1 comment
The Crown Princess shakes hands with Prince Charles

A meeting of two heirs to the throne took place on Wednesday 9th March as HIH Crown Princess Caroline met HRH The Prince of Wales in London.

Prince Charles visited St Luke’s Church in London, part of Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), to hear about the Refugee Response programme.

Refugee Response, run by HTB is working to support refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Her Imperial Highness, who works at HTB and has helped with the programme, met Prince Charles during his visit to the church.

Claims established in China and Arizona

16 February 2022 1 comment

An Act of Parliament passed yesterday evening has founded two new Crown Dependencies after their landowners contacted the government with requests to join Austenasia.

A view of land in Navurania

A rural property in China’s Hunan province has been annexed as Shuhan, and four plots of land in Navajo County, Arizona have been annexed as Navurania.

Shuhan is home to Juntao Yang and his mother. Mr Yang has been appointed Governing Commissioner of Shuhan, to administer it with the title of Duke.

Mr Yang serves as Austenasia’s unaccredited Ambassador to China. His family can trace its descent from the rulers of one of the so-called Three Kingdoms of third century China, Shu Han, in honour of which the new territory has been named.

Although the annexation legislation was passed at 11pm UTC on 15 February, this was already 16 February in China, and as such the latter date will be considered Shuhan’s date of foundation.

The second new claim, Navurania, is composed of four plots of uninhabited land in a location best known for the mining of uranium and rare earth minerals.

The plots comprising Navurania are owned by Lord Michael Simpson, one of Austenasia’s most prolific purchasers and claimers of land. However, as governor of four territories already – Florencium Carolina, Elliessium Colorandum, Golcondiaurum, and Rubrum Beryllium – and Representative of Procyon, it was decided not to add to his workload of territorial administration.

Lord Simpson’s grandson has therefore been appointed Governing Commissioner of Navurania, adopting for said purpose the official pseudonym of Winston Churchill Jr. for privacy reasons.

Imperial University opens registration

26 January 2022 1 comment

Registration opened earlier today for the first classes to be held by the Imperial University of Austenasia.

Four classes – Orthodox Theology, Heraldry and Graphic Design, Economics, and Estonian History – are being offered, and are expected to start next month, with registration closing on February 3rd.

The university classes are open to Austenasians and non-Austenasians alike, are free of charge, and will take place online over the Discord messaging program.

Those interested can register for classes here.

An Austenasian university has been planned for many years now, with Emperor Jonathan I authorising its use of the prefix “Imperial” back in November 2014. However, for various reasons – mostly a lack of qualified teachers or interested students – the university had always failed to reach beyond the planning stage.

The Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson, has driven the push to finally establish the university, with the support of Minister for Culture Lord Sander Koff and his immediate predecessor Lord Otto Birch.

It is understood that the qualifications offered by the university will be named Diplomas and/or Certificates rather than Degrees, in order to help avoid accusations of being a “bogus college”.

Wilson hosts Virtual Holiday Party

Wilson hosting today’s Virtual Holiday Party

A festive “Virtual Holiday Party” was held online today for Austenasian and foreign dignitaries.

The event was hosted by the Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson, on the instant messaging platform Discord.

The Virtual Holiday Party – the first of its kind – lasted several hours, with various Austenasian and foreign dignitaries joining the online video and voice conference.

Wilson, who wore a Santa hat on top of his well-known cowboy hat, provided conversation and company for those joining during the day. A short quiz was held, and the event was also used to raise awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charity for which the Order of Saint Constantine is currently holding a fundraising drive.

Western Jarrahview threatened by bushfire

Western Jarrahview (white) within the Emergency zone (red)

A huge wildfire in western Australia has resulted in concerns for the Austenasian Territory of Western Jarrahview.

The unpredictable and as of yet uncontrolled fire, which is raging within Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and fanned by strong winds, has already razed over 5,000 hectares of bushland.

No injuries have yet been reported, but while the Australian authorities fight the fire, homes in the area have been evacuated and tourists are being instructed to stay away.

Western Jarrahview is an uninhabited wooded area spanning 155,000 square feet, and was annexed by Austenasia after being claimed for the Empire by its now governor, Lord Daniel Hamilton, in January this year.

In zones established by the Australian authorities, Western Jarrahview is at the outer edge of the “Emergency” zone (red, in the image above), bordering the “Watch and Act” zone (yellow). The Austenasian territory (white border) is therefore at direct threat from the wildfire.

Although Western Jarrahview is uninhabited, it is home to dozens of Jarrah trees and Eucalyptus bushes, and the ecological impact of the fire reaching the territory would be devastating.

UPDATE 10 DECEMBER 22:20 – Lord Hamilton has reported that the bushfire is now under control, with Western Jarrahview having been spared any damage. Roughly 7,800 hectares of bushland were destroyed by the fire, which is suspected to have been started deliberately. Australian authorities have downgraded the threat to the zone in which Western Jarrahview is situated to “Bushfire Advice”, meaning it is unlikely it will come under threat again.