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Local election results in

The results of yesterday’s local elections are now in. Elections for the office of Representative took place in the towns of Thanasia, Palasia, New Richmond and Harenfall.

In Palasia and New Richmond, the incumbents – Lord John Gordon and Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, respectively – were re-elected.

In Thanasia, Countess Eritoshi – who had served as the town’s Representative since its foundation in May 2013 – was replaced by her sister, Lady Imogen, who has chosen to assume the pseudonym of Lady Strawberry.

In Harenfall, every voter voted to abstain. The incumbent, Lord Sivert MacLean, has remained as Acting Representative, and he will soon take part in discussions with the Emperor and Prime Minister in regards to the future of the town.

New Richmond expands

A satellite view of New Saint Josephsburg.

 New Richmond, home of Prime Minister Lord Admiral Joseph, has expanded with the acquisition of a new North American property.

The Prime Minister and his immediate family have moved to a new house, which has been annexed to New Richmond under the name of New Saint Josephsburg.

Despite their previous residence – a property which comprised half of West Richmond – being ceded back to the United States of America, the annexation of New Saint Josephsburg has resulted in a net increase of roughly 21,450 square feet to New Richmond.

New Saint Josephsburg was formerly the site of a small mansion before it burnt down. The current three-bedroom house has a large concrete driveway, which the Prime Minister has stated will be useful for holding parades.

With five properties spread over four non-contiguous areas of land, New Richmond is by far the largest Town of Austenasia.

New Richmond hit by blizzard

Cars buried under snow in New Richmond.

The Town of New Richmond has seen almost two feet of snow since it began to fall on Monday evening.

New Richmond and the nearby area is currently experiencing the most snow it has seen in over a decade, and the surrounding U.S. Commonwealth of Kentucky has declared a state of emergency.

Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy, Representative of New Richmond, has moved to Dominion House in North New Richmond after Town Hall in West Richmond lost running water due to the cold weather.

The adverse conditions also caused Lord Joseph’s father’s vehicle to crash into a ditch, but no injuries were reported.

Further expansion for New Richmond

27 September 2014 Leave a comment

Flag of New Richmond.

After expanding to become Austenasia’s largest Town only a few weeks ago, New Richmond has once again grown with the addition of two new houses.

Joseph Nobilissimus Caesar and his immediate family have moved from their former home in Saint Josephsburg to a new house several miles away. The former has been ceded back to the United States of America, whereas the latter has now joined the Empire and New Richmond as the district of West Richmond, along with the neighbouring house.

The house next to the Caesar’s new home belongs to relatives of his, who agreed to leaving the United States and joining West Richmond. This simultaneous cession and annexation of land – formalised by an Act of Parliament and a transfer of sovereignty ceremony earlier this evening – has increased the Empire’s population to 54.

The cession of the Caesar’s old house in Saint Josephsburg is the first time that Austenasia has relinquished sovereignty over territory since January 2010, when a small area of land was given to the Slinky Empyre. The rest of Saint Josephsburg has remained Austenasian.

More information, as well as photographs, will be published when available.

New Richmond and Shineshore become Towns as former expands

7 September 2014 1 comment

Saint Josephsburg, the recently acquired territory of the new Town of New Richmond.

The Crown Dependencies of New Richmond and Shineshore have become Towns, a day after New Richmond was ceded land from Ashukovo.

New Richmond and Shineshore are the first Towns of the Empire to be established outside of Great Britain, the former an enclave of the United States and the latter an enclave of Canada. The transition took place earlier today through an Act of Parliament.

All Austenasian land outside of Great Britain has until now joined the Empire as Crown Dependencies, but requests were made by Shineshore and New Richmond to become Towns. This gives them representation in Parliament, but also places them under the authority of the central government.

Lord Centurion Alastair and the now Lord Dux Joseph, the former Governing Commissioners of Shineshore and of New Richmond respectively, have become the Acting Representatives of the two new Towns.

This comes only a day after New Richmond expanded after annexing Saint Josephsburg from the Ashukov Federation.

Saint Josephsburg, which has eight residents including Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy and is estimated to span roughly 15400 square feet, was yesterday ceded with the consent of its population by Ashukovo to New Richmond. Separated by just over 14 miles, Saint Josephsburg and the original New Richmond – the latter now known as North New Richmond – now comprise the most populated territorial division in Austenasia, with ten residents.

With the annexation of Saint Josephsburg, New Richmond now contains a shop which sells home appliances to the citizens of the neighbouring United States, whereas in Shineshore, plans for a space agency have recently been discussed.

Arrangements for local government are currently being put into place in the two new Towns.

New Richmond adopts constitution

The flag of New Richmond.

The Dominion of New Richmond, an Austenasian Crown Dependency in North America, has adopted a constitution after confirmation by the Emperor and approval by the population of New Richmond.

The constitution, which was written by the Crown Dependency’s Governing Commissioner, Dux Sir Joseph Kennedy, has established the Dominion Assembly, which will act as New Richmond’s legislature and judiciary. It held its first meeting earlier today.

The constitution – which can be read here – came into effect yesterday, after receiving the assent of the population. While it has not transferred the source of authority – as a Crown Dependency, all power is held by the Emperor and exercised through his Governing Commissioner – it has made the government of New Richmond somewhat more representative and accountable.

Dux Sir Joseph Kennedy is currently on a week-long visit to New Richmond, which has a population of two. In his absence, it is administered by his deputy Legate Barger, who holds the title Lord Lieutenant.

New Richmond expands

New Richmond, one of the two North American Crown Dependencies of Austenasia, has gained two residents and thousands of square feet of land.

New Richmond – red indicates the new territory annexed yesterday. (Image rights belong to Google and the Commonwealth of Virginia)

The Crown Dependency, officially titled the Dominion of New Richmond, yesterday grew by over 120% by annexing an adjacent piece of land.

This land is lived on by the Lord Lieutenant of New Richmond, who administers the Crown Dependency on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Governing Commissioner Joseph Kennedy (who in turn represents the Emperor), and his wife, giving New Richmond a population of two.

While precise measurements are very difficult, this territorial acquisition by New Richmond – first annexed by Austenasia on 16 August 2013 – is thought to have increased the size of the Empire to over one and a half million square feet for the first time.

There are also plans for the newly acquired population of New Richmond to be given powers to propose legislation for the Governing Commissioner to consider.

North American territory annexed

New Richmond yesterday afternoon

The Empire of Austenasia has expanded into North America for the first time with the annexation of New Richmond.

New Richmond, which has been annexed as a Crown Dependency, makes North America the fourth continent alongside Europe, Australasia and South America to be home to Austenasian land.

The land was annexed by the Empire yesterday evening by an Imperial Decree.

Joseph Kennedy MAO has been appointed the Governing Commissioner of the new Crown Dependency, and exercises absolute authority over it in the name of the Throne. Although the land is uninhabited, it adds over 28,000 square feet to Austenasia. The annexation of New Richmond is the seventh territorial acquisition of the Empire so far this year.