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New territory annexed in Australia

Western Jarrahview

Earlier this week saw a new Territory claimed by the Empire of Austenasia in Australia.

The new land claim, Western Jarrahview, is comprised of an uninhabited roughly 155,000 square foot wooded area.

The area was claimed by the now Lord Daniel Roscoe, who has been appointed Governor of the new territory.

An Imperial Decree accepting the claim and officially annexing Western Jarrahview was promulgated by Emperor Jonathan I on the evening of January 5th. However, with the difference in time zones, this was past midnight on January 6th in Western Jarrahview, which will be considered its official date of foundation.

Western Jarrahview is only the second land claim of Austenasia in Australia, or in Oceania as a whole. The first, New South Scotland, became an Austenasian Crown Dependency in January 2013.

Australian police escorted from New South Scotland

The Austenasian crown dependency of New South Scotland is surrounded by the Australian state of New South Wales.

Two Australian constables from the New South Wales Police Force have been escorted from the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New South Scotland.

The two police constables are reported to have been harassing visitors to New South Scotland (which is surrounded by the Australian state of New South Wales) by asking visitors of the crown dependency for identification in a rude manner.

A constable from New South Scotland’s own police force, the New South Scotland Constabulary, then asked the Australian police to leave.

The Australian police were escorted from New South Scotland by the constable, who was assisted by a group of socialists visiting from Australia who to the amusement of others sang the Internationale while escorting the Australian constables out.

New South Wales Police Force is not thought to have made any formal comment on the incident.