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Two new Towns annexed as Axvalley dissolved

6 August 2017 1 comment

A satellite view of Jovanovo, one of the Empire’s two new Towns.

This morning, an Act of Parliament was passed dissolving the Crown Dependency of Axvalley while annexing two new Towns, Jovanovo and Ionisia.

Axvalley, a farming estate bordered by Brazil, had joined the Empire in February 2013, one of the first of the great territorial expansions that Austenasia had seen under Emperor Jonathan I. As a Crown Dependency, Axvalley functioned with complete autonomy under its Governing Commissioner, Rubens Machado.

However, after four and a half years under Austenasian sovereignty, the people of Axvalley decided that they wished to return to Brazil. Their right to political self-determination being respected, legislation was drawn up to dissolve the Crown Dependency.

However, at the same time, the government received requests from two other places to be annexed as Towns.

The first, Jovanovo, consists of two rural properties bordered by Montenegro, measuring nine and a half acres. The second, Ionisia, is comprised of a residential property on the Greek island of Samos.

Jovanovo and Ionisia have populations of twelve and three, respectively, and are both wholly Orthodox Christian in the religious composition of their residents.

Ionisia is home to Prince Aggelos of Imvrassia, who has been appointed Acting Representative of the new Town.

These latest changes leave the Empire of Austenasia with a population of 84, and a land area of roughly eighty one acres.

South American territory joins the Empire

20 February 2013 2 comments
The Governing Commissioner's residence in Axvalley.

The Governing Commissioner’s residence in Axvalley.

Austenasia has annexed Axvalley, a nine hectare farm, as its second Crown Dependency.

Axvalley – which is bordered on all sides by Brazil – has a population of seven and is by far the largest Austenasian territory. Its founder, Rubens Machado, was appointed a Commander of the Austenasian Order earlier today moments before an Imperial Decree was passed annexing the new territory.

Machado has been appointed Governing Commissioner of Axvalley. As a Crown Dependency, Axvalley is under Austenasian sovereignty with its population considered Austenasian residents, but they do not hold the status of subjects and Austenasian law does not apply unless explicitly stated in the legislation that it does so. The Emperor holds absolute power over Axvalley, with his authority being exercised by the Governing Commissioner.

Not only is this the first time since December 2010 that the Austenasian population has increased, but the Empire now controls over a million square feet – a far cry from the estimated 3,500 sq feet of Austenasian territory held less than a month ago.