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Rose’s ashes return to Wrythe

An urn containing Rose’s ashes was brought to the Imperial Residence this morning.

The urn containing Rose’s ashes on a table in Bullmastiff Hall.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor himself escorted the urn to Wrythe from the veterinary clinic where Rose, pet bullmastiff of the Imperial Family, was put to sleep on 24 April after suffering from lung cancer.

The urn has been placed on a table in Bullmastiff Hall, along with a small vase of flowers and some plush toys which were affectionately termed Rose’s “babies” during her lifetime.

The urn will remain in Bullmastiff Hall – almost a sort of lying in state – until Emperor Father Terry returns on Monday 19th from a trip to northern England visiting friends. It is planned for the urn to be buried in Wrythe Pet Cemetery at some point next week after a short ceremony.