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Cool Barbie finale published

Main antagonist Dominus, played by Sam Legg.

Earlier today, Cool Barbie XV – The Final Battle was published on YouTube by Austenasian Television Productions (ATP), bringing to an end a series of short films which began in 2009 and had their roots in a home movie made in 2005.

The Cool Barbie series produced by ATP consisted of fifteen full episodes and three “minisodes”, set in a fictional world in which toys are alive and chronicling the eponymous Barbie doll’s encounters with various aliens and villains.

The majority of characters were played or voiced by Emperor Jonathan I and Crown Princess Caroline, but others have played minor roles, and in today’s final installment both Princess Hannah and Lord John Gordon provided voice acting for two minor characters.

The previous episode ended on a cliffhanger, with the antagonist Dominus having absorbed enough magical power to conquer Earth. Cool Barbie XV sees Cool Barbie (voiced by Crown Princess Caroline) and Commander Xeaphon (played in person by Jonathan I) work together to defeat the villain.

The Cool Barbie series is based on three home movies made between 2005 and 2008 by the now Jonathan I, Crown Princess Caroline, and their cousin Lord Timothy. Upon the foundation of ATP, the broadcaster remade the three original films and produced twelve sequels.

With the series now over, there are no immediate plans for any future Cool Barbie productions, although ATP has not ruled out the possibility of stand-alone specials in the future.

Cool Barbie production schedule brought forward


The most recent episode saw the introduction of new villain Kronos, played by MAO recipient Sam Legg.

With the publication of Cool Barbie XII – A Last Chance yesterday afternoon, Austenasian Television Productions (ATP) have announced that the next two episodes will both be out within a month.

Fans of Cool Barbie, the sci-fi fantasy series by ATP, are used to having to wait months between episodes; Cool Barbie XI was published in December last year.

However, episodes XIII and XIV, previously planned for next year, will now be published respectively on 30 August and 9 September this year, instead.

These next episodes lead up to the series finale, which has only been brought forward slightly, to late next year or early 2019.

Cool Barbie is based in an alternate world where toys are alive, and the eponymous Barbie doll’s interactions with various aliens and villains.

All the Cool Barbie episodes can be seen on the Austenasia YouTube channel.

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Cool Barbie “minisodes” planned

Cool Barbie VIII saw the house being defended from alien invasion.

Three mini-episodes or “minisodes” of Cool Barbie will be published over the course of next year.

Each minisode will be under three minutes long, and focus on an individual character dealing with the aftermath of September’s Cool Barbie VIII.

The  minisodes are planned to be released in January, May, and November, and will focus on Moonita, Xeaphon, and Colin respectively.

Cool Barbie is a sci-fi fantasy series about a community of living toys protected by a human family, and its interactions with various aliens and villains.

These mini-episodes will fit in between Cool Barbie VIII and IX, the latter of which is intended to be released in December next year to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the franchise.

UPDATE 31 MARCH 2015 11:59 – The release dates for the final two minisodes have been brought forward by ATP. Xeaphon’s minisode will be published on 25 April, and Colin’s on 1 September.

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Jonathan I announces temporary withdrawal from MicroWiki

Earlier today, I recieved the results for the A2 modular exams which I took in January. They weren’t bad, but I could have done better, and I will need to do better in order to achieve grades good enough to be accepted into Roehampton, the university that the Countess of Memphis and I both have offers from and plan to go to in September.

I have come to the decision to partially and temporarily withdraw from the MicroWiki Community so as to be able to better focus my time and effort on revision for my final exams, which take place at the end of May and start of June. I have withdrawn my candidacy in the GUM elections for Supreme Judge, leaving Quentin as the only candidate. In the now probable event that he becomes Supreme Judge, I will send him my work on the compilation of GUM motions and conventions that I have been working on, with explanatory notes on how I was conducting my work and what the best way for him to continue with it would be. I apologise for letting down all those who voted for me.

In regards to the GUM as a whole, I will not allow the Empire to remain a full member until June with no activity seen from it, but I will be missing the occasional Quorum session. An hour or so each fortnight isn’t much to ask, but from now on I shall be making revision my top priority and cannot promise to attend each and every scheduled Quorum session. I reaffirm, however, the central position of the GUM in the Empire’s foreign affairs and Austenasia’s commitment to remaining a full member.

I will still be coming online on Skype pretty much as regularly as I always have done, and I will be available for private conversations, but I will withdraw from all micronational chat rooms other than the GUM rooms and the Yellow Bear Micronational. I will no longer be on the Forums, and will no longer be doing any work on wiki articles, other than perhaps to make some minor updates now and then if necessary. Production of Cool Barbie will continue, but at a much slower rate – expect to see Episode VIII released in the summer, not later this month.

Do not confuse this with an announcement that Austenasia is becoming “inactive”. The Empire shall continue to function, as it always has done, in “real life”. Whether or not its head of state uses a certain website as frequently as before makes no difference to that.

This period of self-imposed withdrawal shall begin immediately, and will end after my exams are over some time in early June. Getting the grades to get into Roehampton University is now my top priority. No fighting while I’m gone!


Cheam, 7 March 2013

Jonathan I announces start of filming on Cool Barbie VIII

I’m very pleased to announce that filming is currently underway for Cool Barbie VIII. I’m hoping this will be a huge success, the best episode yet since IV. I’ve understood from reviews that episodes V and VII are generally people’s least favourite (on the basis of plotlines – the less said about the horrendous effects of episode I the better), and I think that may be because they are very much “stand-alone” episodes. Cool Barbie V shows Corporal Barbie joining Spectrum, and Cool Barbie VII does tie in with the ongoing story arc of Colin, but you don’t need to watch any of V other than the opening scene to understand how VI follows on from IV, and you won’t need to watch episode number VII to understand VIII, it’ll effectively continue straight on from the end of VI. Episode VII just prolongs the storyline, building a bit of tension for the drama of VIII.

And it will be dramatic. Two old enemies will return at the same time and bring with them a new one. The ending, too, will be very surprising, although I really can’t give any clues as to what happens. This was originally going to be a two-parter, but I eventually dropped this idea simply because it would take so much time and effort to create the masterpiece originally planned. I’m talking about something maybe as long as forty minutes, with pyrotechnics and CGI required – while it would have been a great achievement to create, the story has been condensed into a single episode with few scenes demanding amazing special effects, just so that this film can be realistically made some time this year. Those of you wanting stories with more than one episode needn’t be disappointed, though, as a tetralogy will follow VIII with a trilogy as a finale afterwards.

That being said, VIII will still be a brilliant film. This story has been in the works – believe it or not – since December 2008, when the ATP scripts were first being drafted. It’s been edited quite a bit since then, but it’s great to know that this story will finally be told.


Cheam, 7 February 2013

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Crepundia unveiled

17 November 2012 2 comments

A Juclandian community has been established in Wrythe, being officially unveiled earlier today.

Crepundia, as unveiled earlier today.

However, this community has not traveled from Juclandia, nor do its citizens count towards the population of Austenasia. This is because, like the Juclandian city of Jucărești, this new community – named Crepundia – is comprised entirely of toys.

The culture of the Kingdom of Juclandia (bordered by Romania) is unique in being heavily based on toys, even counting them as citizens. Crepundia is a joint Austenasian-Juclandian cultural project, with the group of toys serving almost as a symbolic Juclandian embassy.

Based in 2 Imperial Road, the fictional origins of Crepundia were explained earlier this year with the release of Cool Barbie VII – Secession. In the film, a group of toys unhappy with their government’s high military spending stage a protest which turns into a riot; they leave the main society of toys and are allowed to set up their own kingdom.