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Emperor Grandmother Joyce passes away aged 96

3 November 2018 1 comment

HIH Emperor Grandmother Joyce, 1922-2018

Yesterday evening, HIH Emperor Grandmother Joyce passed away aged 96 after a short illness.

Grandmother to Jonathan I and mother-in-law to former Emperor Terry I, Joyce was born in Essex in 1922. Her family moved to London in 1940, and from 1943-46 she served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

On Boxing Day 2008, soon after Austenasian independence, Joyce was given a knighthood by then Emperor Terry I – only the fifth person to be awarded such – after expressing interest in the new Empire.

She was also appointed one of the two annual Consuls in 2016, but otherwise had very little actual involvement in Austenasia and never became an Austenasian subject.

Emperor Jonathan I has requested that a state of mourning be observed through the Empire until the Emperor Grandmother’s funeral, and for the privacy of the Imperial Family to be respected during this time.

Consuls appointed for 2016

Emperor Mother Margaret and Emperor Grandmother Joyce, the newly-appointed consuls for 2016.

New Year’s Day 2016 has seen the appointment of the Emperor’s mother and grandmother as the year’s consuls.

The two Consuls of Austenasia are the Empire’s highest judicial authorities, with the duty of passing sentence on convicted criminals. However, due to Austenasia’s practically non-existent crime rate, their function is mostly ceremonial, primarily being used to name the year after.

Prime Minister Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy has appointed as 2016’s consuls Emperor Mother Margaret and Emperor Grandmother Joyce, the only two members of the immediate Imperial Family to have not yet served as consul.

Emperor Grandmother Joyce, at 93, is the oldest person to have been appointed consul to date, as well as the first consul who is not technically an Austenasian national.

Imperial Family celebrates Christmas 2014

The Imperial Family at the Boxall residence on Boxing Day. Left to right: Emperor Father Terry, Emperor Jonathan I, Emperor Grandmother Joyce, Crown Princess Caroline, and Emperor Mother Margaret.

Christmas has been celebrated by the extended Austenasian Imperial Family over the past few days.

Christmas Day (Thursday 25th) begun with the immediate Imperial Family opening presents in Parliament Hall. The Emperor Father then went to visit an elderly friend for the morning while the rest of the family attended the Christmas morning service at Carshalton Methodist Church with Emperor Grandmother Joyce, the Boxall family (the relatives of Emperor Mother Margaret) and the population of Zephyria.

The Imperial Family and Boxalls then had Christmas lunch at the Imperial Residence, followed by opening presents and playing parlour games. Christmas Day ended with a light supper.

Emperor Jonathan I released his second Christmas broadcast on YouTube. This broadcast reflected on the events of 2014 and on the concept of family, and can be heard here.

On Boxing Day (Thursday 26th), the Boxalls hosted the Imperial Family for the afternoon and evening.

The Austenasian Times hopes all its readers have had a Merry Christmas, and wishes you all a happy 2015.


Christmas celebrated by Imperial Family

The extended Austenasian Imperial Family has had two days of Christmas celebrations.

Emperor Mother Margaret, Emperor Father Terry and Crown Princess Caroline share a joke surrounded by presents on Christmas Day in the Boxalls’ house.

Christmas Day (Wednesday 25th) begun with the immediate Imperial Family opening presents in Parliament Hall before meeting Emperor Grandmother Joyce and attending the Christmas morning service at Carshalton Methodist Church, also attended by Lord Marshal William and (the former Prince of Copan) Sir Joseph. The Imperial Family then went to the house of the Boxall family (the relatives of Emperor Mother Margaret) for Christmas lunch and more presents.

On Boxing Day (Thursday 26th) the situation was reserved, with the Emperor Grandmother and the Boxalls being hosted in the Imperial Residence with a buffet lunch and tea, playing board games and receiving some more gifts.

For the first time, the Emperor has published a Christmas broadcast. In his speech (which was uploaded to YouTube), Emperor Jonathan I reflects upon the past year of growth in both land and population for Austenasia, and expresses his wishes that next year will be just as good for the Empire.


Imperial Family celebrates confirmation and birthday

Not only did the Imperial Family today celebrate the 58th birthday of Emperor Mother Margaret, but also the confirmation of Crown Princess Caroline into the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

Members of the extended Imperial Family celebrate in Parliament Hall.

The day started with both individuals opening some presents in the Imperial Residence. The Imperial Family then attended the confirmation service at Carshalton Methodist Church, joined by the Boxalls (the family of the Emperor Mother). Emperor Jonathan I – who finishes his first term at university at the end of the week – also attended, having come home for the weekend.

During the service, Crown Princess Caroline and several other younger people (including Sir Joseph, former Prince of Copan) were confirmed into membership of the Methodist Church of Great Britain. The Imperial Family and Boxalls then had lunch at a nearby gastropub, before the group travelled to the Imperial Residence.

At the Imperial Residence, more presents were opened and cake and coffee were served. A list of those present at the celebration in the Imperial Residence is as follows: Emperor Jonathan I, Crown Princess Caroline, Emperor Mother Margaret, Emperor Father Terry, Emperor Grandmother Joyce, Lord Michael (brother of the Emperor Mother), Dame Rosalind (wife of Lord Michael), and their children Lord Timothy and Ladies Catherine and Jennifer.