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Emperor, Princess Consort and Emperor Father arrive in Soria

13 September 2017 3 comments

The location of Soria within Spain.

Emperor Jonathan I, Princess Consort Hannah and Emperor Father Terry arrived safely in the Spanish city of Soria on Monday evening.

The Princess Consort, as part of her university degree, is spending an academic year abroad in Spain working as a language assistant in a Spanish primary school. Emperor Jonathan I will be living with her for the year, working as a private tutor.

Emperor Father Terry flew out with the imperial couple from London Gatwick airport on Monday 11th, and will be staying with them until Friday.

The Emperor retains full access to the internet, and has stressed that living in Spain for a year will not negatively impact his level of communication with members of government or his ability to exercise his duties as Monarch.

Jonathan I and Princess Hannah will return from Spain for a week around Easter next year, and return permanently in June.

Counsellors of State appointed as Emperor leaves on holiday

31 August 2016 1 comment

Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy (left) and King Adam I (right) will jointly exercise the powers of the Throne in the Emperor’s absence.

Emperor Jonathan I has appointed two Counsellors of State to exercise the powers of the Throne in his absence as he leaves for a week’s holiday in Seville, Spain, with his unmarried partner the Princess Consort.

His Imperial Majesty will leave for Spain with Princess Consort Hannah tomorrow from Gatwick airport, arriving back on Thursday 8th September.

The Emperor has appointed the Prime Minister, Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, and King Adam I of Überstadt (who also serves as Governing Commissioner of the Austenasian Crown Dependency of Oregonia) as Counsellors of State.

In his absence, the two Counsellors will be able to jointly exercise any power of the Throne.

Unlike a regency, the appointing of Counsellors of State does not prevent the Monarch from exercising the powers of the Throne himself. This is the third time that Counsellors have been appointed during the current Emperor’s reign; the previous two occasions were also due to holidays.