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Kennedy re-elected in landslide as Clark drops out of election

HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia has been re-elected as Prime Minister with 86.84% of the vote after his sole opponent, Lord Anthony Clark, announced the day before the election that he no longer wished to run.

Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy

Despite the announcement, Clark – the Representative of Amerdansk – still received 5.26% of the vote; the option to abstain (which, if it gained a majority, would have forced fresh elections) gained 7.89% of the vote.

The election saw a total turnout of 73.08%, with thirty eight of the fifty two subjects eligible to vote doing so.

Every Town of the Empire saw a 100% turnout, with the exception of Clark’s town, Amerdansk, from which no votes were reported. Just under half – 47.6% – of the Empire’s twenty one non-residential subjects voted.

Kennedy’s victory of 86.84% is the most decisive in any general election since that of January 2009, when the then Crown Prince Jonathan was unanimously elected Prime Minister by all four subjects of the new Empire.

A victory speech from the re-elected Prime Minister is expected to be published shortly.

Lord Admiral Kennedy and Lord Clark selected as general election candidates

Lord Admiral Kennedy (left) and Lord Clark (right).

Emperor Jonathan I has chosen the candidates for next month’s general election.

HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, the incumbent Prime Minister, will be running for re-election against Lord Anthony Clark, Baron of Amerdansk. The general election will take place on 28 February, with campaigning now starting to get underway.

Lord Admiral Kennedy is leader of the Imperial Party, the sole political party currently registered in Austenasia.

Lord Anthony announced his intention to stand for election back in December 2018, and has already published a campaign website.

Lord Admiral Kennedy has served as Prime Minister since the previous general election in 2015, and also holds the rank of Caesar. As Representative of New Richmond – the most populous Austenasian land claim – he holds a large advantage in terms of predicted votes.

Lord Anthony Clark joined Austenasia in 2016 as the Governor of Amerdansk, which in August last year transitioned into a Town. Since 14 January, Lord Clark has served as Minister of Defence.

Under the Austenasian Constitution of 2011, the Monarch selects applicant Representatives to run for Prime Minister three weeks after a general election is called, four weeks before voting takes place (general elections taking place seven weeks after being called).

Austenasia breaks population record

A graph tracking the growth of Austenasia’s population since its foundation.

Earlier today Austenasia’s population reached its highest number in history, with the registration of six new residents in New Richmond pushing the number of Austenasians up to 89.

New Richmond is already the most populous inhabited claim of the Empire, with twenty residents now living in its five different boroughs.

The previous population record had been 88, between March and June 2016, reached after a period of almost uninterrupted growth since Austenasia’s foundation (with the sole exception of former emperor Declan I losing Austenasian nationality in August 2013).

The population began to decline with a net loss of one person upon the simultaneous cession of Harenfall and annexation of Ionathanopolis on 27 June 2016. This culminated in a low point of 74 after Zephyria, Thanasia, and Porthbokon were dissolved in August the following year.

However, the number of Austenasians has since begun to steadily climb, and out of Austenasia’s population of 89, at least 53 will be eligible to vote in the upcoming general election.

Austenasia itself is home to 71 people, with 18 Austenasian nationals living abroad; the largest populations of expatriate Austenasians are in the United Kingdom (8 people) and the United States of America (4 people).

General Election called for 28 February

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has called a general election for 28 February 2019.

Under the Constitution, the election would have had to have taken place on or before 3 March, which will be four years since the previous general election in 2015.

Until 31 January, Representatives will be able to apply to the Monarch to be appointed Candidates for the election. The Monarch is obliged to appoint at least two Candidates from those who apply, with any others being appointed at his discretion.

The month of February will be spent by the Candidates campaigning for election, with votes being cast on the 28th and the victorious candidate taking office on 1 March.

The incumbent Prime Minister, HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, is expected to run for a second term, and Lord Anthony Clark of Amerdansk announced on 31 December an intention to also stand for election.

No other Representatives have so far publicly announced an intention to run, although Lady Vice Admiral Eryn Lewis of Terentia has indicated a desire to stand if Lord Admiral Kennedy decides not to do so.

The eligibility of the Prime Minister

8 January 2016 1 comment

Article by Lord Adam von Friedeck, Duke of Washington (a.k.a. King Adam I of Überstadt).

Esteemed friends and colleagues:

From time to time, baseless disputes enter our community of small nations, and this week, a new one emerged: the question, raised by foreign journalists, of whether Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, the incumbent Prime Minister, retains his electoral mandate. I can say with confidence that he does.

Horatio Eden, writing for the Daily Micronational, first raised the matter, observing that Austenasia’s population has grown since Lord Kennedy was elected last year. This is especially significant given that demographic shifts were partially responsible for the calling of the last general election. Attempting to justify his concern, Mr. Eden claims that the voters that gave him over 68% in the election now comprise about a third of the Empire. However, this is false.

As the Emperor clarified to the House of Representatives yesterday, while the Empire has seen an increase in residents over the past nine months, not a single new subject has been naturalized (Austenasian Subjects are those with legal citizenship, and those residents without this status lack suffrage). Therefore, there has been no change in Lord Kennedy’s electoral mandate. The same people who formed the electorate nine months ago remain the entirety of the electorate today.

The Prime Minister’s Office is aware of no popular opposition to Lord Kennedy’s premiership within the Empire, and welcomes all feedback and input Austenasians may have concerning the Imperial Government’s policies and activities. As for Mr. Eden, I acknowledge that he most likely misunderstood the facts of the situation and did not act out of malice. Those motivated by personal dislike of Lord Kennedy to further misrepresent the situation in other news outlets are invited to correct themselves.

Faithfully yours,

Lord Adam, Duke of Washington
Chief of Staff, Prime Minister’s Office

Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy elected Prime Minister

Portrait of Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy, newly-elected Prime Minister of Austenasia.

HIH Lord Dux Joseph Kennedy, Count of Greater Richmond, has been elected Prime Minister of Austenasia with 68.3% of the vote.

Lord Dux Joseph had run as an independent against Countess Eritoshi of Memphis, who had sought to be re-elected on an environmentalist platform. The Countess received 21.95% of the vote, while 9.75% of voters chose to abstain.

Forty one people voted out of an electorate of forty eight – an impressive 85.4% turnout. This was up from a 60% turnout in the previous general election, when Countess Eritoshi was elected in November 2013.

“We congratulate Lord Dux Joseph on his election as Prime Minister, and offer our commiserations to Countess Eritoshi,” Emperor Jonathan I said after announcing the election results. “The Lord Dux worked hard on his campaign, and we look forward to what he will bring to government. We also wish to congratulate the Austenasian people on an impressive turnout – this was your opportunity to have your say in who will lead our government, and you certainly took it.”

Lord Dux Joseph, speaking exclusively to the Austenasian Times, gave the following statement: “It is the greatest honour of my life to be chosen as Prime Minister of the Empire. I shall strive for the remainder of my term to serve the Austenasian people and HIM the Emperor in any way possible.” His official victory speech can be heard here.

Green Party founded by Countess Eritoshi

The logo of the Austenasian Green Party.

HIH Countess Eritoshi of Memphis, incumbent Prime Minister, has announced her foundation of an Austenasian Green Party as a platform for her policies as she runs to be re-elected next month.

The Austenasian Green Party was founded yesterday, mere days after another new political party – Palasian Left Unity – was created by Lord John Gordon.

Policies of the Austenasian Green Party include decreasing the Empire’s usage of fossil fuels in favour of renewable sources of energy, protecting biodiversity and natural resources, maintaining the ability of residents to participate in decision-making on local matters through Town Councils, and seeking greater international recognition of Austenasian sovereignty.