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Austenasia-Ladonia treaty signed at Heathrow meeting

Emperor Jonathan I and Queen Carolyn I with the Treaty of Heathrow.

The Empire has signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the Royal Republic of Ladonia.

Emperor Jonathan I met yesterday evening with Queen Carolyn I of Ladonia and her daughter Crown Princess Greta at Heathrow Airport in the UK.

The Ladonian royals were returning to their home in the USA after having visited Ladonia, which is bordered by Sweden. With several hours until their next flight, they invited the Emperor to meet them at the airport.

Austenasia recognised Ladonia in February 2013, but due to a busy bureaucracy the Ladonian government never replied to a request for diplomacy. The Emperor and Queen used the meeting as an opportunity to sign an impromptu treaty of mutual recognition.

Ladonia is uninhabited, despite having over 17,000 citizens worldwide, and is comprised of a Scandinavian beach that was declared independent from Sweden in 1996 after the local council demanded large sculptures which had been built there to be demolished.