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Imperial Family members return from Devon holiday

The seafront at Sidmouth.

Emperor Jonathan I, Crown Princess Caroline, and Emperor Mother Margaret yesterday returned from a week’s holiday in Devon.

The three imperials had spent the week at Sidholme Hotel in the town of Sidmouth, relaxing at the hotel as well as going out for day trips.

Activities by the three holidaymakers included a visit to a pottery studio where they made their own pots, exploring the picturesque village of Branscombe, building a “sea wall” on Sidmouth beach, and looking through various gift shops.

Emperor Father Terry was unable to come on the holiday due to the Imperial Family’s pet bullmastiff Edd requiring somebody to look after him, but had spent a week away with a friend earlier in the month to make up for missing out.

An album of photographs taken of the holiday by the Emperor can be seen at this link.

Populations of Wrythe and Thanasia return from Wales

The immediate Imperial Family returned to Wrythe yesterday evening from holiday in North Wales.

Left – the Emperor and Countess explore Harlech Castle; right – Crown Princess Caroline holds a rabbit at a petting farm.

The four residents of Wrythe stayed in a large house in the coastal town of Criccieth. Unbeknownst to them until a few months previously, the population of Thanasia (Countess Eritoshi and her sister) and their parents were also staying in North Wales the same week, a few miles away in the town of Harlech.

The two families met on Monday morning and Thursday afternoon, exploring Harlech Castle before investigating rockpools and swimming on the nearby beach on the latter occasion.

The Wrythians had arrived on Saturday 3rd August, whereas the Thanasians had arrived on Friday 2nd, climbing a nearby mountain on Saturday.

Horse rides, ten-pin bowling, archery, coastal walks and a visit to a petting farm were just some of the activities that the residents of Wrythe partook in during their week away. The Emperor used the time spent in long car journeys to write up three new Imperial Decrees, which can be seen on the Austenasian government website.