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Emperor and Prime Minister swap Cabinet positions

HIM Emperor Jonathan I (left) and Prime Minister HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy (right)

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor and Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy have swapped their positions of Home Secretary and Minister for Culture, respectively.

Emperor Jonathan I made the announcement of the partial Cabinet reshuffle earlier this evening.

The position of Home Secretary, which had been held by the Emperor himself since October 2014, is responsible for overseeing many of the internal affairs of Austenasia, including border controls, environmental protection, and policing.

The position of Minister for Culture, which had been held by Prime Minister Kennedy since May 2015, is responsible for the promotion of Austenasian culture, and includes duties such as the maintenance of public monuments and the appointing of Artists Laureate.

The Austenasian Cabinet is comprised of seven such offices, appointed by the Monarch with the consent of the Prime Minister.

Updated criminal code published

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, in his capacity as Home Secretary, has published an updated version of the Austenasian criminal code.

The criminal code, which can be read here, is an updated version of one published in July 2013.

The definitions of those actions considered crimes under Austenasian law are spread over many separate Acts of Parliament and Imperial Decrees. The criminal code lists the crimes by category in a single document, together with commentary by the Emperor.

The previous code had become outdated, with new offences having since been created and reform having been made to legal areas such as drug laws.