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Incumbents stand for local elections

Yesterday saw the end of the week-long period during which those wishing to stand for election as Representative at the end of the month could announce that they would be doing so.

In each of the ten Towns of Austenasia, the incumbent Representative or Acting Representative was the only person who announced that they would be standing.

This scenario was not unexpected. On Twitter, Emperor Jonathan I wrote that the nation-wide lack of competition for the office of Representative showed “local elections every five years makes far more sense than every two years”, referring to one of the constitutional amendments that will also be voted on at the end of the month.

As only a single candidate is standing in each Town, voters will have the option to cast an Abstain vote under the terms of an Imperial Edict passed in 2013. Should there be more votes to abstain than for the candidate in any Town, a new vote will be called for that Town in which more people will be encouraged to stand.

The candidates for each Town are as follows:

  • Wrythe: HIM Emperor Jonathan I
  • Zephyria: Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria
  • Thanasia: HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis
  • Palasia: Lord John Gordon, Baron of Zephyria
  • Lichtenstein: Lord Charles Clarke, Duke of Grantabridge
  • Porthbokon: Lady Evren Filgert, Duchess of Dumnonia
  • New Richmond: HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Count of Greater Richmond
  • Shineshore: Lord Rear Admiral Alastair Cranston, Duke of New Virginia
  • Terentia: Lord Vice Admiral Eren (formerly Jacob) Lewis, Baron of Terentia
  • Harenfall: Lord Sivert MacLean, Duke of Redcaster

Administrative changes coincide with more territorial expansion

4 December 2014 1 comment

The Crown Dependency of Achem, a piece of land which joined the Empire yesterday along with the March of Caldari.

The Empire expanded yet again yesterday evening with the annexation of a house in Bury St Edmunds and a patch of land in South America.

Meanwhile, the Crown Dependency of Terentia (situated in North America) has been transitioned into a Town, with the now Lord Legate Jacob Lewis as its Acting Representative.

A house in Bury St Edmunds has been annexed as a March, a new form of administrative division. Marches have been created as inhabited territories associated with a Town for electoral but not administrative purposes; effectively autonomous parts of a Town, voting for and represented in Parliament by the Representative of the associated Town, but not officially part of it and administered independently by a Margrave and/or Margravine living in the March.

The house, annexed as the March of Caldari, has been associated with Palasia. It is inhabited and administered by John and Maria Alexis, the grandparents of Lord John of Palasia, who have been appointed its Margrave and Margravine. This has raised the Austenasia population to 61.

Furthermore, a 35,000 square foot area of land in South America has joined the Empire as the Crown Dependency of Achem. Bordered by the Venezuelan city of Mérida, Achem is administered by Tarek Kârjasary, who has been appointed its Governing Commissioner.

In other news, the Emperor announced the start of Winter 2014/15 in the Austenasian calendar on 1 December.

Adjoining house joins Terentia

The new borders of Terentia after yesterday's expansion.

The new borders of Terentia after yesterday’s expansion.

The Crown Dependency of Terentia has expanded to include the house the garden of which it had previously consisted of.

Terentia, founded on 16 November 2013, is bordered by the U.S. state of Massachusetts, and is governed by its founder Legate Sir Jacob Lewis, KCA.

Terentia had previously been comprised of Lewis’ garden, but by request of his family their house was yesterday annexed to the Crown Dependency by an Act of Parliament.

This new expansion has added five people and roughly 16,300 square feet to Austenasia’s population and territory, as well as making Lewis himself – who since May has been a non-residential subject of the Empire – an Austenasian resident.

Subjectship granted to foreign members of the government

The status of Austenasian subjects has been bestowed upon some members of the Austenasian government who did not already hold it, increasing the population to 36.

Subjectship was given to Dux Sir Joseph Kennedy, Governing Commissioner of New Richmond; Tribune Jacob Lewis, Governing Commissioner of Terentia; and Prince Andrew I, Governor of Corinium Terentium.

These three individuals have governed Austenasian land for several months now, but remained citizens of foreign countries (the USA and Ashukovo, the USA and Juclandia, and the UK and Sabovia respectively). Having been given the option to become Austenasian nationals, these officials accepted and were granted the status by Parliament earlier today.

Austenasia has laws forbidding dual citizenship with any country other than the UK in most cases, but Parliament has the power to make exceptions to these rules.

The other three Governing Commissioners of the Empire have been given until 1 July to accept the offer of Austenasian subjectship, until which they can be granted the status by a mere public declaration of the Monarch.

Members of the population can be either subjects or residents, or hold both statuses simultaneously. Residents are those who live in the Empire (currently 30 people) whereas subjects are those who have the right to vote in a general election. While most subjects also live in the Empire, not all do – as well as the three people granted subjectship today, the status is also held by former emperor Esmond III and by two military veterans, all non-residents.

New annexation of North American land

The newly annexed Crown Dependency of Terentia

Austenasia has expanded for the eighth time this year with the annexation of Terentia, a garden in North America.

The land, which has been annexed as a Crown Dependency, is owned by the family of Jacob Lewis, who has been appointed Governing Commissioner of Terentia. The new Crown Dependency has been named in honour of Emperor Father Terry and measures just over 5000 square feet.

Terentia is the second annexation that the Empire has made in North America, following that of New Richmond three months ago. As a Crown Dependency, Terentia is under Austenasian sovereignty but is highly autonomous, ruled by the Governing Commissioner in the name of the Throne.