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Four new annexations take place as the Empire further expands

Seven people and over 64,000 square feet of land have joined the Empire of Austenasia in four simultaneous annexations.

The four new areas annexed by the Empire – clockwise: Glencoe, Lichtenstein, Beith Craobh Iostan (before the building of the holiday house now on the site) and Shineshore.

In Canada, a new Crown Dependency known as Shineshore has been annexed. Situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, it is the first time that the Empire has had a coastline of any sort, and a prospective naval force is currently being discussed. Shineshore, with a population of five, is governed by Lord Alastair Cranston.

Lord Alastair is also owner of a second addition to the Empire, the Territory of Beith Craobh Iostan on the Scottish isle of Coll. This land features a newly-built holiday house, uninhabited for most of the year.

The third expansion made by the Empire has been to the already existing Territory of Emperorsland, which has annexed the adjacent house lived in by its governor, Lord Hengest Crannis (formerly known as Karanys Dómynus and Theledir the Wight). The annexation of this house has transitioned the Territory of Emperorsland into the Empire’s fifth Town, now known as Lichtenstein, of which Lord Hengest has been appointed Acting Representative.

The fourth annexation made by Austenasia this evening – all of which were put into effect by an Act of Parliament – has been of the Territory of Glencoe, ten square feet of land also in Scotland and owned by Lord Hengest. Neither Glencoe or Beith Craobh Iostan have had governors appointed to them due to no known suitable candidates living near enough to them.

Former Doshevikan land annexed as Austenasian Territory

A satellite view of Emperorsland.

A satellite view of Emperorsland.

Land formerly under the sovereignty of Doshevika and the Kingdom of Domanglia was yesterday annexed by the Empire as the Territory of Emperorsland.

Karanys Dómynus, formerly known as Urokah Doshevik, presented his garden to the Empire after the Doshevikan state dissolved earlier this year.

The garden has been annexed as the Territory of Emperorsland upon the passing of the Emperorsland Act 2013 yesterday morning. Dómynus has been appointed its governor and Duke of Grantabridge, a duchy set up to incorporate Emperorsland within the Austenasian hierarchy of administrative divisions.

Emperorsland measures roughly 1715 square feet and is an enclave of the British village of Over in Cambridgeshire. This marks the fifth expansion of Austenasia since the start of the year.