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MicroWiki bought by the Emperor

The logo of MicroWiki

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I has become the new owner of after buying it from former owner Pierre d’Égtavie.

D’Égtavie, who has hosted the website since it became independent from the Wikia organisation in November 2010, announced via Facebook at the start of the month that he was “looking to transfer ownership of the site to someone who… [he felt could] keep it alive”.

The Emperor put in a bid for the website, which was soon accepted in principle, with details of the transferral of ownership being discussed over several days. The transferral of ownership took place this afternoon, with the Emperor taking control of the financial and administrative management of the website.

MicroWiki is a website that hosts a wiki and forums which are a major focal point for the foreign relations of Austenasia and many of the states with which it has the closest diplomatic relations, with a vibrant community of politicians and diplomats having grown up around it since the first incarnation of the wiki was founded in 2005.

The acquisition of the website by the Emperor has already been welcomed by several individuals on its forums, as well as via Skype and Facebook.

Joseph Kennedy becomes Pope


A stylised portrait of Joseph Kennedy, the new Pope Alexander IV of the Divine Church of the Parva-Religions.

Joseph Kennedy yesterday assumed the role of Pope of the Parva-Religions.

The Pope leads the Divine Church of the Parva-Religions, an institution designed to promote the culture (specifically religious aspects) of small nations.

Kennedy, who is Governing Commissioner of the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New Richmond, has taken the papal name of Alexander IV. He is the eleventh individual to hold the office, which derives its origins from a cat-worshipping cult founded in 2004 in a predecessor state of New Wessex.

Kennedy’s predecessor, Pope Ezekiel I (better known as Richard Cunningham), founded the Church of the Parva-Religions together with Bradley of Dullahan last June. Formerly, the Pope was a spiritual advisor to Declan I, King of New Wessex, chosen by him from the members of the Orlian College of Cardinals, a body which was theoretically meant to advise him on the culture of Orly but only ever contained foreign leaders who he had appointed to the group as an honour.

After the liberation of Orly from his rule last year, an argument between Declan and the cardinals resulted in them breaking away from his control under the leadership of Bradley of Dullahan, who together with the then pope founded the Divine Church by merging the Papacy with the College of Cardinals to create a single and independent institution.

Currently, the Divine Church is in somewhat of a state of disarray. The responsibilities and functions of the former cardinals within the new system are not thought to be precisely delineated, and Kennedy was not elected to the position but was simply nominated by two former popes after the office had been left vacant for over two weeks after the resignation of his predecessor.

Kennedy has stated that he wishes to reform the governing body of the church, and to make its “presence in the [MicroWiki] community more known”.

Candidates for Prime Minister announced

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has approved three applicant Representatives as Candidates for Prime Minister.

The candidates for Prime Minister – left to right: HIH Countess Eritoshi, Lord John Gordon, and Lord Marshal William (well known for not allowing any publication of his image)

Emperor Jonathan I made the announcement this morning on the Facebook group for Austenasia and in several Skype chatrooms used by various politicians and diplomats from around the community of small nations.

HIH Countess Eritoshi of Memphis (Acting Representative of Thanasia), Lord Marshal William of Zephyria, and Lord John Gordon of Palasia have all been approved by the Emperor as Candidates. Under Austenasian law, any Representative or Acting Representative can apply to stand for Prime Minister, but must be approved by the Monarch to do so.

A recent poll on the Facebook group “MicroGroup” revealed Countess Eritoshi as the clear favourite to win amongst foreign observers in the MicroWiki community, but it is unlikely that domestic votes will be so one-sided. It is expected for each candidate to secure the votes from their Towns – two from Thanasia for Countess Eritoshi, three from Zephyria for Lord Marshal William, and three from Palasia for Lord John – but it is not known how the three voters of Wrythe or the four non-residential subjects eligible to take part will cast their votes.

The election will take place on 18 November, alongside a Local Election for Representatives. Even if the winner of the General Election loses their seat as a Representative in the Local Election, they will remain Prime Minister, as was the case with the now Emperor in the December 2011 elections.

2013 Intermicronational Summit begins in Paris

Left to right – King Ciprian I, Emperor Jonathan I, and Tom Turner, in Paris yesterday evening.

The third summit of politicians and diplomats involving a large number of members of the MicroWiki Community has begun in Paris.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I arrived in Paris yesterday with Tom Turner, leader of Rukora and former Viceroy of Hookwood in the now-defunct Slinky Empyre. They later met with King Ciprian I of Juclandia and his nephew.

After eating at a restuarant near to the apartment at which the Emperor and Turner are staying, the group went to Mountmarte hill, from which a view of a large part of Paris can be seen.

Sir Sebastian Linden of Francisville will be arriving at the apartment Tuesday afternoon, and Sir Daniel Morris of Draega will be arriving Wednesday morning. Sogoln Yg Ysca of the Formori Institute has also expressed interest in meeting with the summit members at some point later in the week.

The summit will last until Saturday 20th, and follows on from the 2011 Intermicronational Summit in Hyde Park and the 2012 PoliNation Summit in Chelsea.

Jonathan I returns to MicroWiki Community

Emperor Jonathan I has announced the end of a self-imposed period of partial withdrawal from the MicroWiki Community which started earlier this year.

His Imperial Majesty announced on 7 March that he would stop active editing on MicroWiki and withdraw from the majority of Skype chatrooms associated with its users “so as to be able to better focus… time and effort on revision” for his A2 exams (the second year of the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level), the last of which took place today.

The Emperor has now completed courses in sociology, law, and politics, the results of which will be revealed on 15 August. He intends to study at the University of Roehampton in September along with Countess Eritoshi of Memphis, who finishes her exams next week.

Since 7 March, Jonathan I has made less edits on MicroWiki than he did in the last week of February alone. He has also made a total of seven posts on the MicroWiki Forums, having previously had an average of over a post a day since joining the forums in January 2011.

His Imperial Majesty announced his full-time return to the MicroWiki Community earlier this afternoon.

Jonathan I announces temporary withdrawal from MicroWiki

Earlier today, I recieved the results for the A2 modular exams which I took in January. They weren’t bad, but I could have done better, and I will need to do better in order to achieve grades good enough to be accepted into Roehampton, the university that the Countess of Memphis and I both have offers from and plan to go to in September.

I have come to the decision to partially and temporarily withdraw from the MicroWiki Community so as to be able to better focus my time and effort on revision for my final exams, which take place at the end of May and start of June. I have withdrawn my candidacy in the GUM elections for Supreme Judge, leaving Quentin as the only candidate. In the now probable event that he becomes Supreme Judge, I will send him my work on the compilation of GUM motions and conventions that I have been working on, with explanatory notes on how I was conducting my work and what the best way for him to continue with it would be. I apologise for letting down all those who voted for me.

In regards to the GUM as a whole, I will not allow the Empire to remain a full member until June with no activity seen from it, but I will be missing the occasional Quorum session. An hour or so each fortnight isn’t much to ask, but from now on I shall be making revision my top priority and cannot promise to attend each and every scheduled Quorum session. I reaffirm, however, the central position of the GUM in the Empire’s foreign affairs and Austenasia’s commitment to remaining a full member.

I will still be coming online on Skype pretty much as regularly as I always have done, and I will be available for private conversations, but I will withdraw from all micronational chat rooms other than the GUM rooms and the Yellow Bear Micronational. I will no longer be on the Forums, and will no longer be doing any work on wiki articles, other than perhaps to make some minor updates now and then if necessary. Production of Cool Barbie will continue, but at a much slower rate – expect to see Episode VIII released in the summer, not later this month.

Do not confuse this with an announcement that Austenasia is becoming “inactive”. The Empire shall continue to function, as it always has done, in “real life”. Whether or not its head of state uses a certain website as frequently as before makes no difference to that.

This period of self-imposed withdrawal shall begin immediately, and will end after my exams are over some time in early June. Getting the grades to get into Roehampton University is now my top priority. No fighting while I’m gone!


Cheam, 7 March 2013

Austenasia voted most influential MicroWiki nation

The Empire of Austenasia was voted the most influential nation in the MicroWiki Community in the latest of a series of regular surveys released yesterday evening.

The first MicroWiki Influence Survey took place on 4 October 2010 and disregarding a 5 month-long hiatus last year the surveys have taken place every month or two months since – yesterday’s was the Twelth. Users of the website are asked to submit a list of 25 micronations in the community in order of their percieved influence, with the nations given points accordingly. Halfway through the voting period, a Midway Table is released showing the scores so far, and a Final Table is released a few days afterwards with the official scores.

Austenasia came first with 279 points, only just beating the Free State of Renasia (278 points) and the Federal Republic of St.Charlie (276). This was a very close race for first place – the micronation in fourth place had 240 points.

Nemkhav leader Marka Mejakhansk said that he doesn’t “see Austenasia getting lopped off the top point any time soon”, and St.Charlian diplomat Lucas Campos stated that “Austenasia should be in the top for a long time now”. However, Francillian politician Sebastian Linden expressed surprise that the Empire came first, and that in his opinion the top place should have gone to Renasia. HIH Crown Prince Jonathan described the Influence Survey as “just a popularity contest”, but still expressed happiness at the Empire being voted into the prestigious first place.

The State of Sandus came 6th (207), the Community of Landashir and Kingdom of Juclandia came joint 7th (190), the Technological Federation of Erephisia came 9th (164), the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis came 12th (135), the Kingdom of Überstadt came 16th (97), the Federal Republic of Francisville came 18th (83), and the United Kingdom of New Wessex came 21st (49).

This is the first time that the Empire has reached first place. Austenasia reached the top spot on the Midway Table of the Eleventh Survey in September, but lost out to St.Charlie in the Final Table – likewise, the Empire came second to St.Charlie in July’s Tenth Survey. Austenasia has consistently been voted as being in the top four most influential nations on MicroWiki since the Sixth Survey in December 2011.

“Apocalypse” caused by vodka

11 November 2012 5 comments

System operator of Pierre d’Égtavie admitted earlier today that the reason for MicroWiki being offline yesterday was due to him having “a shot or two of vodka”.

MicroWiki, the web-based wiki and forums which are a major focal point for Austenasia’s foreign relations, has hosted a diverse and vibrant community of politicians and diplomats since it was founded in 2005, with Prime Minister HIH Crown Prince Jonathan joining in late 2008. When he attempted to access the site yesterday afternoon, he was met with a countdown ticking away to 15 days, with ominous background music and a heading of “Goodbye”.

Contact with other MicroWiki users via Skype revealed that the community was in a panic over what this could mean for the site, with Ultamian leader David Salapa declaring the apparent imminent closure of the site an “apocalypse”.

A few hours later, the countdown was replaced with a message from M. d’Égtavie apologising for the inconvenience and announcing that normal site access would resume in several hours. The website is now back to normal, but not before worry and uncertainty spread amongst the community – several users advised others to join them in saving back-ups of articles using Google’s cache system, and administrator Alexander Reinhardt offered to buy the site should d’Égtavie wish to resign as system operator.

Earlier today, d’Égtavie informed members of the Micropolitan Lounge chatroom on Skype that he’d “decided that everyone hated [him] and that [he] should close the site” after consuming some vodka – after putting up the countdown, he went to have a bath before returning to find the MicroWiki community in panic on Skype. Sober again, he reassured users that the website would not be closed, and stated that his actions were precisely the reason that he usually doesn’t drink.

M. d’Égtavie has since informed users that there are several safeguards against a deletion of the site, including several regularly updated back-ups.

Zealandian leader Haakon Lindstrom and Siroccan leader Daniel Anderson have both said they are “disappointed” with d’Égtavie’s actions. However, the Prime Minister has come out in defence of the system operator. Commenting on another news article on the situation, he urged people not to “forget all the hard work M. d’Egtavie has put into the wiki over the past two years – he is an incredibly competent admin, and nobody should forget that because of a single mistake”.