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Wilson hosts Virtual Holiday Party

Wilson hosting today’s Virtual Holiday Party

A festive “Virtual Holiday Party” was held online today for Austenasian and foreign dignitaries.

The event was hosted by the Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson, on the instant messaging platform Discord.

The Virtual Holiday Party – the first of its kind – lasted several hours, with various Austenasian and foreign dignitaries joining the online video and voice conference.

Wilson, who wore a Santa hat on top of his well-known cowboy hat, provided conversation and company for those joining during the day. A short quiz was held, and the event was also used to raise awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charity for which the Order of Saint Constantine is currently holding a fundraising drive.

Order of St Constantine completes charity project

Example of items donated to charity shops by Project Melania

The Order of Saint Constantine has completed its first major philanthropic project, over the course of which it has donated over two hundred items to charity shops.

The Order was founded by Emperor Jonathan I in May last year as a Christian philanthropic order of chivalry.

On 8 June the following month, the Order of Saint Constantine launched Project Melania, with the aim of supplying charity shops with good quality but unwanted items given away for free at the end of large car boot sales.

Every Wednesday, members of the Order would go to a car boot sale in Wimbledon and collect unsold items given away for free at the end. These items would then be given to various charity shops throughout the London Boroughs of Sutton and of Merton.

The long-running weekly car boot sales from which these items were sourced came to an end on Wednesday 12th, and the last of the collected items were donated earlier this morning, bringing Project Melania to a close.

In total, Project Melania donated ninety three books, seventy CDs, forty four DVDs, and nineteen items of bric-a-brac (ornaments, crockery, etc) to charity shops supporting four different charities: Oxfam, Hospices of Hope, St Raphael’s Hospice, and Marie Curie.

The Order of Saint Constantine is now looking for new ideas of ways to support charitable causes.

Emperor founds Christian charitable order

The arms of the Order of Saint Constantine

Emperor Jonathan I has founded the Order of Saint Constantine as a specifically Christian order of chivalry for Austenasia.

Members of the Order must be baptised Christians. Also – uniquely for Austenasian orders of chivalry – the Order is to function as a philanthropic organisation, raising money for various charities.

A meeting of the Order, which has started off with ten founding members, will take place at some point in July or August in order to discuss the means and decide the recipients of their fundraising.

The date of the Order’s foundation is of some significance. May 21st is the feast day of Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Helen, who Christians venerate as saints.

Ss Constantine and Helen have been named the patron saints of the new Order. They are also the patron saints of the church attended by the Emperor, to which he went this morning to attend a service celebrating the feast day.

The new Order ranks below the Glorious Order of St. John and above the Order of the Bullmastiff.