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Pope of the Parva-Religions becomes Pontifex Maximus

27 January 2015 1 comment

Pope Alexander IV (a.k.a. Lord Joseph Kennedy), the incumbent Pontifex Maximus.

Changes have been made to the Papacy of the Parva-Religions, with the Pope now being known as the Pontifex Maximus.

Since June 2013, the Papacy of the Parva-Religions has been an institution designed to “defend” the religions of micronations. However, with no real opportunities being found to exercise this function, the Papacy – which was initially founded in 2004 to lead a cat-worshipping cult in a predecessor state of Wilcsland – yesterday underwent several reforms to increase its relevance and activity.

The office held by the Pope – currently Lord Joseph Kennedy, who holds the papal name of Alexander IV – has been renamed to the Pontifex Maximus.

The function of the Pontifex Maximus is now to produce works of theology and philosophy, to write commentaries on sacred texts, and to record oral traditions which may otherwise be lost, looking at a wide range of different beliefs and traditions.

The Pontifex Maximus is to be appointed by the Emperor from the College of Pontiffs (formerly Cardinals), who are to be appointed by the Pontifex Maximus as advisors and prospective successors.

As Austenasia is a secular state, the writings of the Pontifex Maximus will in no way shape or define official government views. However, the creation of the post of Pontifex Maximus will be a means of forming the first Austenasian works of theology and philosophy, a great boost to the cultural and intellectual life of the nation.

Joseph Kennedy becomes Pope


A stylised portrait of Joseph Kennedy, the new Pope Alexander IV of the Divine Church of the Parva-Religions.

Joseph Kennedy yesterday assumed the role of Pope of the Parva-Religions.

The Pope leads the Divine Church of the Parva-Religions, an institution designed to promote the culture (specifically religious aspects) of small nations.

Kennedy, who is Governing Commissioner of the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New Richmond, has taken the papal name of Alexander IV. He is the eleventh individual to hold the office, which derives its origins from a cat-worshipping cult founded in 2004 in a predecessor state of New Wessex.

Kennedy’s predecessor, Pope Ezekiel I (better known as Richard Cunningham), founded the Church of the Parva-Religions together with Bradley of Dullahan last June. Formerly, the Pope was a spiritual advisor to Declan I, King of New Wessex, chosen by him from the members of the Orlian College of Cardinals, a body which was theoretically meant to advise him on the culture of Orly but only ever contained foreign leaders who he had appointed to the group as an honour.

After the liberation of Orly from his rule last year, an argument between Declan and the cardinals resulted in them breaking away from his control under the leadership of Bradley of Dullahan, who together with the then pope founded the Divine Church by merging the Papacy with the College of Cardinals to create a single and independent institution.

Currently, the Divine Church is in somewhat of a state of disarray. The responsibilities and functions of the former cardinals within the new system are not thought to be precisely delineated, and Kennedy was not elected to the position but was simply nominated by two former popes after the office had been left vacant for over two weeks after the resignation of his predecessor.

Kennedy has stated that he wishes to reform the governing body of the church, and to make its “presence in the [MicroWiki] community more known”.