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Emperor graduates with first class honours

The Emperor in formal academic robes at his graduation ceremony yesterday.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I has graduated from the University of Roehampton, receiving a first class with honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Religious Studies.

A graduation ceremony was held yesterday at the Royal Festival Hall in South Bank, London. Jonathan I attended along with his parents and Princess Consort Hannah.

The Emperor started his three-year course at Roehampton in September 2013, and spent most of term time over said years living in accommodation on campus, in a flat which was temporarily designated Austenasian Embassy to the United Kingdom.

During his course, Jonathan I took modules in which he studied topics including the Bible, Christian doctrines, classical and medieval philosophy of religion, the relation of religion to human rights and to art, the person of Jesus Christ, the history and doctrines of Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, and the religious make-up of London.

The Emperor chose to take two extra modules in his final year rather than write a dissertation. His highest marked piece of work was a 3100-word essay he wrote in his final term on the way in which Jesus is presented in St. John’s Gospel.

Emperor announces local elections as exile ends

As his final fortnight of exile comes to an end, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced local elections for four of the Empire’s ten towns: Thanasia, Palasia, New Richmond and Harenfall.

The local election will take place on 28 May next month. Those eligible, between the 7th and 14th of May, may stand to be elected their town’s Representative.

Carshalton Station, at which the Emperor will arrive to make the short journey back to Wrythe on 28 April.

Since 8 April, Emperor Jonathan I has been in exile from Austenasia, voluntarily serving out a recommended sentence given after the outcome of a trial he arranged after pledging to have the legality of actions he committed while still Crown Prince against Esmond III examined by a court.

The Emperor was sentenced to three fortnights of exile, the timing of which would be at his discretion. This final fortnight of exile was served primarily at the Austenasian Embassy to the United Kingdom in Roehampton.

In one of the amendments to the Constitution passed last year, local elections can now take place in one or some towns instead of all at once. This is the first time since then that such has taken place.

Although the Emperor’s self-imposed exile is now at an end, he will spend six days with his unmarried partner Princess Consort Hannah at her university accomodation in the British city of Chester before travelling back to Wrythe. He will arrive back at Carshalton station on the evening of Thursday 28th.

Emperor to spend six weeks in exile

26 January 2016 5 comments

The trial of Emperor Jonathan I has come to an end, with the Monarch having been found guilty of three counts of treason against former emperor Esmond III.

The Emperor has agreed to spend six weeks outside Austenasia to atone for helping to overthrow Esmond III.

The trial, which took place online in the Imperial Court, saw the Emperor being tried for three actions he committed during December 2010 and January 2011 while Crown Prince in the process of overthrowing Esmond III in favour of Declan I.

The Emperor convened the trial after reflection on the circumstances under which his predecessor came to power, stating that he wished to see justice done.

As Monarch, the Emperor is immune from prosecution by anyone other than himself, and so technically served as judge, prosecutor, and defendant in the trial. However, for simplicity’s sake, the prosecution was argued by Sir Sebastian Linden and the defence by King Adam I of Überstadt.

The trial came to an end on 19 January, with the jury finding the Emperor guilty of all charges. He did not appeal the outcome, and was sentenced this morning by the consuls to six weeks of exile, during which he will not set foot in Austenasia.

Due to the status of the Monarch, he is not legally obliged to submit to said sentence. However, the Emperor has stated that he will voluntarily do so, spending most of the time at the Austenasian Embassy to the United Kingdom (located in Roehampton).

The exile will not in any way affect the smooth running of Austenasian government: the Emperor has not been deprived of any of his powers, and will simply exercise them online or via telephone.

Independence weekend celebrated

21 September 2015 2 comments

Independence Day was observed right across the world. Here, Tariq Zubair (Austenasian Ambassador to Pakistan) poses in front of the national flag.

This weekend saw the Empire celebrate seven years of independence.

Independence Day took place on Saturday 19th as the third Saturday in September, but the actual seven year anniversary of Austenasia’s foundation was on Sunday 20th.

A military parade was held in New Richmond, and celebrations also took place in Terentia and Thanasia. The occasion was also observed by many of Austenasia’s foreign ambassadors.

Emperor Jonathan I travelled back to Wrythe for the weekend from Roehampton, where he recently started his third and final year of a university course.

As is customary, an honours list was published by the Emperor on Independence Day. Recipients of honours included Queen Carolyn I of Ladonia, who was knighted into the Order of the Bullmastiff, and King Adam I of Überstadt, who was granted the title Duke of Washington.

Meanwhile, Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy published a speech as Prime Minister, which can be read here.

Sunday 20th also saw constitutional amendments, approved by a referendum and by Parliament, come into force at one second past midnight.

Snow in Greater Wrythe

Edd in Wrythe Public Park this morning.

Greater Wrythe saw a blanket of snow on the ground this morning for the first time since January 2013.

Residents of Wrythe, Zephyria and Thanasia awoke to find roughly two inches of snow had fallen overnight.

Although some snow has fallen already this winter in Greater Wrythe, conditions were not suitable for it then to settle.

The snow fell over south London, including Roehampton, home to the university at which the Emperor currently lives on-campus.

The snow had begun to melt by midday, with none remaining by the evening.

Paper Jubilee of the Emperor celebrated

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, photographed earlier today on his Paper Jubilee.

Emperor Jonathan I has today celebrated his Paper Jubilee – two years – as Austenasia’s Monarch.

It was two years ago today that Jonathan I ascended to the Throne after his predecessor Declan I abdicated.

As with last year’s jubilee, the Emperor marked the occasion with Prime Minister Countess Eritoshi, the two of them having lunch together at Roehampton.

Several military units have held ceremonies in honour of the occasion.

Jonathan I is set to become the longest reigning Emperor of Austenasia on 22 February later this year.

Jonathan I celebrates 19th birthday

13 October 2013 2 comments

A birthday cake presented to the Emperor by the immediate Imperial Family.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I has celebrated his 19th birthday this weekend after returning to Wrythe from Roehampton University on Friday 11th.

On Saturday 12th, the Emperor was accompanied by Countess Eritoshi, Emperor Father Terry, Crown Princess Caroline, Air Chief Marshal Micheal, and M. Jones of the Imperial Air Force to a game of laser-tag in Sutton, after which a meal was had at a nearby restaurant.

Today, Sunday 13th – the Emperor’s birthday – he attended church in the morning before returning to Wrythe to open presents and cards.

Birthday greetings have been received from many friends, foreign leaders, and members of the extended Imperial Family.

The Emperor moves into Roehampton University

16 September 2013 2 comments

Emperor Jonathan I in his new room at Roehampton before his belongings were unpacked.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor yesterday moved into accommodation at the University of Roehampton.

Emperor Father Terry and Emperor Mother Margaret helped Jonathan I to unpack his belongings in the en suite room he now lives in, located in the Digby Stuart College of the university. The university is located just over 6 miles away from Wrythe, which the Emperor plans to visit every few weeks.

The Emperor shares the floor which his room is on with six other people. Although each room has its own bathroom, there is a shared kitchen area.

After moving into the university yesterday, Jonathan I today attended talks given to those in the Humanities Department before having lunch and spending the afternoon with Countess Eritoshi, who is also studying at the university although not taking up residence there. The Emperor will start a three-year course on Theology and Religious Studies next week after formal enrolment on Wednesday.

Autumn starts in Austenasia as university approaches

12 September 2013 Leave a comment

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced the beginning of the autumn of 2013 in the Austenasian calendar.

The announcement of the official change of season, a prerogative first exercised by the Throne in November 2008 but only found in law since September 2009, was made by Emperor Jonathan I over Skype earlier today to several government members.

Next week, the Emperor will start a three year course in Theology at the University of Roehampton. He will be living in accommodation at the university, but will travel back to the Imperial Residence several times a month, the university being less than seven miles away from Wrythe. He will be attending Roehampton University with Countess Eritoshi, who will not be living there but will instead travel from Thanasia on British public transport.

University places confirmed for Jonathan I and Countess Eritoshi

The places applied for by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor and Countess Eritoshi of Memphis at the University of Roehampton have both “been confirmed” by UCAS as their exam results were released this morning.

Emperor Jonathan I and Countess Eritoshi of Memphis will both start university courses at Roehampton in September.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), the admission service for applications to universities in the UK, sent Emperor Jonathan I and the Countess of Memphis messages to their accounts on the UCAS website confirming their places after Roehampton University was sent their exam results.

The Emperor and Countess both finished their A-level exams in June. An A-level – officially known as an Advanced Level General Certificate of Education – is a qualification earned in the UK after two years of study at the completion of pre-university education. A-levels of a certain grade are required to enter university.

Both the Emperor and Countess will attend the University of Roehampton in September, the former to study Theology and the latter Zoology. The University is less than a mile away from the southern bank of the River Thames, and the Emperor plans to live there for most of his three year course.

Jonathan I obtained an A in Sociology, a B in Government and Politics, and a B in Law. He has received congratulations via telephone and Facebook from several friends and members of the extended Imperial Family.