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Emperor and Princess Consort announce engagement upon return from Seville

10 September 2016 2 comments

The Emperor and Princess Consort in Maria Luisa Park immediately after getting engaged.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I and his consort Princess Hannah of Wildflower Meadows arrived back in the country yesterday after a week-long holiday in the Spanish city of Seville.

Whilst there, on Monday 5th the couple became engaged to be married whilst in Maria Luisa Park.

The date of the wedding has yet to be announced, but will not be until after mid-2019, when the Princess completes her university course.

The Princess Consort was crowned Princess of Wildflower Meadows by the Emperor on 12 May earlier this year upon the creation of a principality for her.

On 11 November 2011, Hannah met the then Crown Prince Jonathan at a charity shop while lost in Carshalton. The two did not maintain contact, but met again on 10 September 2015. After several weeks of close friendship they announced the start of a romantic relationship on 5 November.

Jonathan I and Princess Hannah spent eight days in Seville, during which they toured major sites of the city such as the Cathedral and royal palace.

Whilst there, the imperial couple also met Sir Dominic Connolly, the Austenasian Ambassador to Spain, whom the Emperor knighted into the Order of the Bullmastiff in recognition of Connolly’s diplomatic service and in celebration of the imperial engagement.

Counsellors of State appointed as Emperor leaves on holiday

31 August 2016 1 comment

Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy (left) and King Adam I (right) will jointly exercise the powers of the Throne in the Emperor’s absence.

Emperor Jonathan I has appointed two Counsellors of State to exercise the powers of the Throne in his absence as he leaves for a week’s holiday in Seville, Spain, with his unmarried partner the Princess Consort.

His Imperial Majesty will leave for Spain with Princess Consort Hannah tomorrow from Gatwick airport, arriving back on Thursday 8th September.

The Emperor has appointed the Prime Minister, Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, and King Adam I of Überstadt (who also serves as Governing Commissioner of the Austenasian Crown Dependency of Oregonia) as Counsellors of State.

In his absence, the two Counsellors will be able to jointly exercise any power of the Throne.

Unlike a regency, the appointing of Counsellors of State does not prevent the Monarch from exercising the powers of the Throne himself. This is the third time that Counsellors have been appointed during the current Emperor’s reign; the previous two occasions were also due to holidays.