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Theodorist Party disbanded as Spring begins in Austenasia

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I earlier today passed an Imperial Decree disbanding the Theodorist Party of Austenasia (TPA) and abolishing the system of formally registered political parties.


The logo of the now-disbanded Theodorist Party of Austenasia (TPA).

Although political parties can still be formed as informal voluntary associations, the decree reflects on the fact that “partisan politics is not to the liking of the Austenasian people” – all but two of the twenty three members of the TPA were foreigners.

This sees the Emperor distancing himself from Theodorism, a model he published in January 2012 (while still Crown Prince) for a theoretical social order combining elements of socialism and monarchy.

The decree states that “the imposition of a new social order is… [not] necessary within the Empire… [and] the formal implementation of Theodorism within Austenasia would do little more than prevent any necessary future adaptions that Austenasian society may have to make.” It also claims that the core tenets of Theodorism are already de facto in place in the populated areas of the Empire, with those who can work doing so and providing for those who cannot.

A modified version of Theodorism was successfully adopted by Überstadt last year; the decree passed by Jonathan I specifically states that it is in no way a suggestion or endorsement “that they should cease to follow that model”. Likewise, an autonomous branch of the TPA functioning in Monovia will not be affected by the dissolution.

The decree also announces the start of Spring 2014 tomorrow (21 February) in the Austenasian calendar.

Prime Minister appointed Prince of Domanglia

The flag of the Princely Union of St Edward and Domanglia

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has been appointed the Prince of Domanglia as the former protectorate of Austenasia moves towards the implementation of Theodorism.

Marshal Urokah Doshevik, founder of Domanglia, contacted Crown Prince Jonathan on Tuesday 20th and offered him candidacy in an election for a new monarch taking place within the Domanglian leadership. The Crown Prince won the election, his reign as Prince of Domanglia beginning yesterday on the 21st. He has adopted the regnal name of Darkomere for use in Domanglia.

Domanglia is currently administrated by a provisional government comprised of the Prince, Marshal Doshevik, and leaders of the various Domanglian territories. Elections are planned to take place soon, after which it is intended for Theodorism (socialist economic policies and direct democracy protected and enforced by the power of the monarch) to be implemented.

Domanglia was briefly Theodorist in late January earlier this year after a revolution by several of the leaders of its territories, but the movement disintegrated two days later when a power struggle broke out between the monarch and the leader of the vanguard party. It was this failed revolution which prompted Crown Prince Jonathan to write The Vanguard Monarch, revising Theodorist theory to make it easier to realistically implement.

This is the fourth time that Crown Prince Jonathan has held a throne; he was Second Midget Master between 6 September 2004 and 31 July 2006, joint King of Moylurg between 19 October and 10 November 2010, and Lord Regent of the Grove between 12 November and 8 December 2010. This also marks the first time in nearly two years that the House of Austen – to be formally known as the House of Kaiser in regards to Domanglia – has held sovereignty over a nation.

Austenasia and Domanglia entered into diplomatic relations on Halloween last year, when Domanglia was accepted as an Austenasian Protectorate. It held this status until 6 April earlier this year.