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Big cat sighting on Chester Meadows

Photograph of a large animal, reportedly a puma, on Chester Meadows.

Reports are circulating of a big cat – possibly a puma – loose in the wild in Cheshire and North Wales, with a photograph recently taken of a large creature seen on Chester Meadows.

Chester Meadows is one of the two oldest claims of Wildflower Meadows, and was the site of the Principality’s foundation in May 2016.

On December 13th last year, a delivery driver took a photograph of what he believed to be a puma on Chester Meadows, having seen the large animal from a nearby road.

News of a more recent incident has now emerged after a lady taking her dog for a walk on the Meadows reported hearing a “really deep growl” coming from dense undergrowth on Wednesday 27th January.

These reports from Chester Meadows have taken place in the wake of fatal attacks on farm animals and sightings of a big cat throughout the wider local area over the past two months.

Sightings of big cats have been reported in the region for several years. Many incidents, including these most recent sightings, have been recorded on the website of Puma Watch North Wales.

Populations of Wrythe and Thanasia return from Wales

The immediate Imperial Family returned to Wrythe yesterday evening from holiday in North Wales.

Left – the Emperor and Countess explore Harlech Castle; right – Crown Princess Caroline holds a rabbit at a petting farm.

The four residents of Wrythe stayed in a large house in the coastal town of Criccieth. Unbeknownst to them until a few months previously, the population of Thanasia (Countess Eritoshi and her sister) and their parents were also staying in North Wales the same week, a few miles away in the town of Harlech.

The two families met on Monday morning and Thursday afternoon, exploring Harlech Castle before investigating rockpools and swimming on the nearby beach on the latter occasion.

The Wrythians had arrived on Saturday 3rd August, whereas the Thanasians had arrived on Friday 2nd, climbing a nearby mountain on Saturday.

Horse rides, ten-pin bowling, archery, coastal walks and a visit to a petting farm were just some of the activities that the residents of Wrythe partook in during their week away. The Emperor used the time spent in long car journeys to write up three new Imperial Decrees, which can be seen on the Austenasian government website.