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Report on archaeological dig published

The Imperial Geographical Society has published a report on its findings from the archaeological dig which took place under the patio in Wrythe Public Park between August and November last year.

The report, which can be found here, is in PowerPoint format, and contains photographs of several of the findings.

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Potato crop harvested

Emperor Father Terry counting the potatoes harvested from Wrythe Public Park.

His Imperial Highness Emperor Father Terry has harvested several dozen potatoes which were planted in Wrythe Public Park earlier this year.

The Imperial Family ate some of the potatoes with their evening meal tonight. Crown Princess Caroline called them “normal” and “potatoey”.

The now Emperor Father also grew a crop of potatoes in August 2009 while still Emperor. Some tomato plants have also been planted in Wrythe Public Park.

While the Empire is far from self-sufficient, growing some of our own food is a small step towards decreasing our reliance on the neighbouring United Kingdom.

Archaeological dig put on hold due to rain

HIH Crown Prince Jonathan has announced that work on the archaeological dig currently underway in Wrythe Public Park is to be put on hold until the spring due to bad weather.

A map of NE Wrythe. The trench is in red, with the treestumps in green and a possible undiscovered stump in blue.
1: The Imperial Residence
2: Lawn and flowerbeds of Wrythe Public Park
3: The patio being excavated
4: 2 Imperial Rd
5: Commius Flats

The dig, which started on 16 August earlier this year and is organised by the Imperial Geographical Society, is excavating an area which had been under paving stones since before the Imperial Family moved to what is now the Imperial Residence in January 2004.

The trench which has been dug has so far unearthed various pieces of glass and pottery, an at present unidentified animal bone, several metal nails, and a two pence coin which dates the construction of the patio under which the dig is taking place to no earlier than 1992.

The trench has also unearthed a large tree stump with an extensive root system, formerly sealed under the patio – two tree stumps were already visible and used as steps down from Wrythe Public Park’s patio to 2 Imperial Road. With the discovery of this third tree stump, it is thought that there was once a row of trees marking the end of the now Imperial Residence’s garden before 2 Imperial Road (the garage) was built.

The last digging which took place was in early October – due to rain since then, further excavation has been continually postponed due to the soil in the trench becoming waterlogged. With rainfall yesterday, the Crown Prince (who is leading the dig) has announced that digging is being formally put on hold until drier weather.

Fans of Cool Barbie will recognise the area of the dig as being where a Dalek was imprisoned in Prisoners Freed. Thankfully, the diggers have not reported unearthing any hostile aliens yet.