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Imperial University opens registration

26 January 2022 1 comment

Registration opened earlier today for the first classes to be held by the Imperial University of Austenasia.

Four classes – Orthodox Theology, Heraldry and Graphic Design, Economics, and Estonian History – are being offered, and are expected to start next month, with registration closing on February 3rd.

The university classes are open to Austenasians and non-Austenasians alike, are free of charge, and will take place online over the Discord messaging program.

Those interested can register for classes here.

An Austenasian university has been planned for many years now, with Emperor Jonathan I authorising its use of the prefix “Imperial” back in November 2014. However, for various reasons – mostly a lack of qualified teachers or interested students – the university had always failed to reach beyond the planning stage.

The Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson, has driven the push to finally establish the university, with the support of Minister for Culture Lord Sander Koff and his immediate predecessor Lord Otto Birch.

It is understood that the qualifications offered by the university will be named Diplomas and/or Certificates rather than Degrees, in order to help avoid accusations of being a “bogus college”.