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Ptolemy II takes the throne of Wilcsland

HM King Ptolemy II, formerly known as Prince Ciaran, the new King of Wilcsland.

Prince Ciaran, younger brother of Declan I, this morning announced his takeover of the throne of Wilcsland as King Ptolemy II.

The previous King of Wilcsland, Declan I – who also ruled as Emperor of Austenasia between 2010 and 2013, and was known in Wilcsland as King Ptolemy I Helios – has lived in London for some months now, having cut off communication with his family and homeland in Wiltshire.

Declan I had proclaimed the union of New Wessex between Wilcsland and Orly while still Emperor, but this had collapsed after Orly was liberated from his rule in June last year. He had since effectively abandoned the governance of his own kingdom, to the extent that Austenasia revoked recognition of New Wessex earlier this year.

Now, however, Wilcsland has returned. King Ptolemy II has confirmed the dissolution of New Wessex and arranged with Emperor Jonathan I for Wilcsland to become a protected state of the Empire.

This marks the end of the reign of Declan I over his native country, where he has reigned since 1999 (albeit with a one-week long interruption in 2006).

Imperial Family celebrates Christmas 2014

The Imperial Family at the Boxall residence on Boxing Day. Left to right: Emperor Father Terry, Emperor Jonathan I, Emperor Grandmother Joyce, Crown Princess Caroline, and Emperor Mother Margaret.

Christmas has been celebrated by the extended Austenasian Imperial Family over the past few days.

Christmas Day (Thursday 25th) begun with the immediate Imperial Family opening presents in Parliament Hall. The Emperor Father then went to visit an elderly friend for the morning while the rest of the family attended the Christmas morning service at Carshalton Methodist Church with Emperor Grandmother Joyce, the Boxall family (the relatives of Emperor Mother Margaret) and the population of Zephyria.

The Imperial Family and Boxalls then had Christmas lunch at the Imperial Residence, followed by opening presents and playing parlour games. Christmas Day ended with a light supper.

Emperor Jonathan I released his second Christmas broadcast on YouTube. This broadcast reflected on the events of 2014 and on the concept of family, and can be heard here.

On Boxing Day (Thursday 26th), the Boxalls hosted the Imperial Family for the afternoon and evening.

The Austenasian Times hopes all its readers have had a Merry Christmas, and wishes you all a happy 2015.


Taeglan I Nihilus elected GUM Chair


Taeglan I Nihilus, the new Chair of the GUM. Photograph taken August 2011.

Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate has been elected the twenty first Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM).


Taeglan I served as the organisation’s Supreme Judge during the previous term, and has been working towards a revision of the GUM Charter.

Meanwhile, Emperor Jonathan I has been elected Secretary for Security and Community Affairs, with eight votes against his opponent’s one vote.

The GUM, founded in January 2009, is the main diplomatic organisation in the “MicroWiki community” of small nations, with Austenasia having been a member state since October 2009.

Jonathan I served as the ninth and eleventh Chairman from December 2011 to March 2012 and from June to September 2012 respectively, while still Crown Prince.

Administrative changes coincide with more territorial expansion

4 December 2014 1 comment

The Crown Dependency of Achem, a piece of land which joined the Empire yesterday along with the March of Caldari.

The Empire expanded yet again yesterday evening with the annexation of a house in Bury St Edmunds and a patch of land in South America.

Meanwhile, the Crown Dependency of Terentia (situated in North America) has been transitioned into a Town, with the now Lord Legate Jacob Lewis as its Acting Representative.

A house in Bury St Edmunds has been annexed as a March, a new form of administrative division. Marches have been created as inhabited territories associated with a Town for electoral but not administrative purposes; effectively autonomous parts of a Town, voting for and represented in Parliament by the Representative of the associated Town, but not officially part of it and administered independently by a Margrave and/or Margravine living in the March.

The house, annexed as the March of Caldari, has been associated with Palasia. It is inhabited and administered by John and Maria Alexis, the grandparents of Lord John of Palasia, who have been appointed its Margrave and Margravine. This has raised the Austenasia population to 61.

Furthermore, a 35,000 square foot area of land in South America has joined the Empire as the Crown Dependency of Achem. Bordered by the Venezuelan city of Mérida, Achem is administered by Tarek Kârjasary, who has been appointed its Governing Commissioner.

In other news, the Emperor announced the start of Winter 2014/15 in the Austenasian calendar on 1 December.